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Letters to the Editor, July 30

Patridge should withdraw

Give it up, Rob Patridge. Forget the mayor's veto.

The City Council vote is 5-3. This is not good. 8-0 is perfect; 7-1 is okay; 6-2 is problematic; 5-3 is potential trouble. There are already three negative evaluations, waiting to prove that they were right about your selection. Withdraw your acceptance; hold your head high and move on with dignity.

For the city of Medford, the city manager selection committee now has three members. They hopefully can choose someone the other five will support.

George Fribance


Typical liberal headline

What a travesty that the Mail Tribune had to headline the article about the Republican convention making it about Cruz. The convention was not about Cruz, it was about voting for Donald Trump, who is the only person who can win over the despicable Hilary Clinton. Why not headline the marvelous speeches by Gov. Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich and Mr. Trump's son!

Shame on the Mail Tribune for this way of reporting on the Republican convention.

Jeannie Gladson


Sad commentary

It's a sad commentary on life in these United States when our flag is flying half staff more often than flying at full staff.

Gary Pendergast


Callous Republicans

Could not believe my ears when the Republican majority leader of the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell, at the Republican National Convention, speaking about the controversy surrounding the tragedy in Benghazi with its loss of four American lives, said (and these words came out of his own mouth), "What difference does it make?" How unfeeling, and inconsiderate of the grieving families of the fallen. I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Chuck Weller


No comparison

Once again it's fair time, once again on the front page, a poor doomed bovine is headed for the slaughterhouse ("A bittersweet goodbye").

Really. I truly feel all these kids should have to accompany their money makers to the slaughte house and watch what happens to them. Not just the cows, but the lambs and pigs.

I find this disgusting every year. These animals are raised as "pets," Then sold for money. I despise the FFA, they have no compassion, it's all for money.

Sharyn "Jinx" Arthur

Gold Hill

Examples of lying

Michael A. Long stated that Colin Powell lied to the United Nations and the world concerning Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. Lying means to make a statement that one knows is false. Colin Powell was convinced that Saddam had WMDs. He did not lie to the world.

Hillary Clinton once said she was named after famed mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary, but she wasn't. Hillary was 6 when Sir Edmund climbed Mount Everest. Hillary knowingly told a false story to deceive.

Concerning Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s emails sent the day after the attack revealed that she told an Egyptian leader the attack was caused by a terrorist group related to al-Qaida. Hillary told the American people that a video was to blame for the attack. Hillary knowingly told a false story to deceive.

Her emails are the smoking guns.

I watched and listened to Secretary Clinton lie to the loving ones. The four caskets were draped with American flags. Blaming a video for the deaths was a cruel intent to deceive.

Being limited to 200 words, I must skip over many false narratives that Mrs. Bill Clinton used to deceive others. Can you vote for a vetted liar?

Bill Hartley


Work together

It’s now official: the Republican nominee for our nation’s highest office is a notorious bigot whose idea of statesmanship is calling people stupid names. The RNC sounded more like a hate-fest than a celebration, but I can see why the speakers preferred to focus on the Democratic candidate.

Conspicuous for its absence was any information about how Republicans would make things better. Meaningless slogans, empty promises and manufactured outrage won’t make America great again. That requires cooperation and compromise. Trying to imprison their candidate’s opponent is a really bad start, even though it’s Trump’s only hope.

If we want our experiment in democracy to succeed, Democrats and Republicans must work together for the common good. With all the talent and resources this nation has to offer, there’s no problem we can’t solve, but we need leaders that foster courage and confidence, not fear and anger. Both parties leave much to be desired, but only one has gone stark raving mad.

Michael Steely


Letters to the Editor, July 30