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Letters to the Editor, July 31

Too many guns

Last Sunday's paper had several articles that attracted my attention. Thank you. One stood out because I am fearful of the large number of guns in the hands of anyone who feels a gun will help their cause.

I am 91 and know what guns do to the human body. I also know that there are many near crazies who walk the streets with me. There is no place where I really feel safe.

I have lost faith in my elected legislators to recognize the danger, but I do believe that when the voter recognizes the need and knows which legislators support the gun manufacturers and the gun lobby we will have a better chance for a safe society.

Paul J. Brown

Central Point

Alive and well

Yes, V. Handel, the "good old boy" network is alive and well in Medford city/county politics.

There is no reason in the world that Patridge should have been the choice for Medford city manager, especially after a year-long search of qualified candidates. Other than the fact that he's a known commodity among the "powers that be" and his "network."

Mayor Wheeler is correct to veto his appointment. Not only is he not qualified to take on a job this size, with no previous experience, but to allow him to continue in his role with the OLCC is ludicrous. With the great influx of new people into the city and county there must be someone who’s had previous managerial experience.

Pat Butler


Thank you, Mayor

Anyone who thinks that a medical appointment is the appropriate time to discuss city business and personal career choices should not be our city administrator. Thank you, Mayor Wheeler.

Linda Osborne


Letter oversimplifies

Mr. Schlapfer oversimplifies in writing, "Our country was not built on Judeo-Christian values" (letters, July 24).

It has been hypothesized that the French Revolution degenerated into the Terror and the rule of Emperor Napoleon because it appealed only to Enlightenment ideas. The American Revolution was unlike it in also having a Judeo-Christian dimension.

The first act of the Continental Congress was to pray to divine providence while the British bombarded Boston. Benjamin Franklin proposed "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God" as the national motto. There are multiple paintings of Washington praying, and he said, "it is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." Many similar examples can be found.

Lionel Rothkrug's "Opposition to Louis XIV" traces the political and social origins of Enlightenment in part to theological disputes during the Renaissance. A reasonably complete explanation of the extent to which faith and reason are intertwined in our founding can be found in Michael Novak's "On Two Wings: Humble Faith and Common Sense at the American Founding."

There is abundant evidence that the role of religion in America did not end with the revolution but continues to this day.

David Churchman


Just deserts

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigns, proving the system is rigged! Unless Citizens United vs. the FEC is overturned, our country will be run by the greedy narcissistic rich people.

But, I'm not throwing my vote away, I'm pulling the pin and voting for Trump! So those that rigged the system get what they deserve.

Tom Espinosa


Letters to the Editor, July 31