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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 2

Home grown?

Maybe "home grown" is good when it comes to produce, but it's not so good when it comes to a new city manager for Medford. The council made it look like they were doing the right thing hiring a firm to "find" the city a new manager — you know, someone professional who has done the job before.

By the time they were done with the "interview" process, who did they pick? Someone who "knows Medford." Yeah, knows how to suck up.

Don't you think that it's time Medford grew up? The mayor thinks so and so do we. "City manager" and "Rob Patridge" do not belong in the same sentence. Let your City Council member know that Medford deserves a professional who will do the job and not pander to the "good old boys" anymore!

Kathy and Jack Ashcraft


Start over

I wish to congratulate Curt Ankerberg, a candidate for Medford City Council, for his July 28 guest opinion regarding the Rob Patridge/city manager hiring debacle. While I don't believe the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County is the source of all ills in the town where I was born, I do agree that it is often intimately connected to the backward, crony-dominated government the city has long suffered. (Not to mention that of Jackson County).

Hooray for Ankerberg for pointing out that Patridge is not qualified for the position. And bravo, Mayor Gary Wheeler, for his veto of the hiring. It is a clear sign of the "good ol' boy" network at work that he's even being considered.

I would suggest that the council appoint an interim manager and begin a nationwide search for a qualified and exceptionally intelligent, diplomatic and resourceful person to fill the post. It's a big job. Medford is changing, along with the rest of the country, and both need people of honesty, good will and good sense who are actually qualified to serve in such positions of public trust.

Come on, Medford. Time to throw out that baby with the bathwater. Start over.

John Enders


The FBI and Clinton

So why is it that Hillary Clinton wasn't charged in Emailgate? Could it be that FBI no longer stands for

Federal Bureau of Investigation but rather Following Bill's Instructions?

Dick Sabo

Grants Pass

Clinton's emails

I quite agree with a recent letter writer, quoting the State Department, that none of Clinton's emails were marked "classified."

In my entire career I never saw a document marked "classified." But I read many that were marked CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or TOP SECRET. And many of Clinton's emails were so marked, at the time she sent or received them, according to the FBI director, whose word I would take over anything from an unnamed functionary from State.

Further, if it is true that prior secretaries of state used personal servers, at least they were located within the State Department. Clinton's was hidden away in the basement of her house. Nothing has changed about Clinton. She remains a corrupt, congenital liar who may chiefly attract votes from those who were so "inattentive" as to vote for Obama — twice!

C. S. Chase


DNC committed fraud

The last time Ron Paul ran for President, the RNC waited until the primaries were over to change the rules and effectively exclude Ron Paul as a nominee. I had given Paul's campaign $400, not realizing the fix was in.

But 2 million Bernie supporters who contributed to his campaign have got to be livid when they discovered the DNC had ordained Hillary Clinton as their nominee, and that Bernie never had any chance at all.

It's probably too late for a sharp attorney to file a class action alleging theft-by-deception against the RNC for their fraud, but not for the Bernie supporters, who gave relatively small amounts that amounted to over $40 million. In my book, what the DNC and RNC did were acts of fraud, and there should be very harsh consequences for it. The DNC should be made to compensate every Bernie donor similarly deceived — to the last penny!

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 2