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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4

Donald trumps all

D. Trump would be at odds with his political philosophy if, on the day after taking the oath of office, he (1) doesn't dismantle the Statue of Liberty and use the bits and pieces of her in his proposed 2,000-mile wall or (2) send her back to France with a note saying that he does not believe in the message on the plaque beneath her: to wit (in part):

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. ... Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me ..." (Emma Lazarus, 1849-87).

Since I have been old enough to vote (65 years ago) we have had a bunch of wacky contenders for the highest office; however, D. Trump trumps them all.

Raymond Steinbroner


Creek is neglected

Bear Creek, Medford’s jewel.

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful asset running through the middle of our town. But we have done nothing but abuse it!

Viewed from the bridge on Eighth Street, Bear Creek is and looks like a cesspool. We have allowed car dealerships and parking lots with their filthy runoffs next to and right up to the creek bank.

The mall location was another way to show total lack of appreciation for our river.

Where was MURA spending its money all these years? Forget the flower baskets and brick sidewalk enhancements, the unappreciated Bear Creek is still filthy, abused and neglected, instead of being enhanced and used as the asset it should be.

The bloodstream of our town is dirty and sick, a sad reflection of the city’s priorities and its soul. No wonder downtown is empty.

H. Seeman


Save the U.S.

The dominant media are more biased than Limbaugh. Most commentators write anything to make Trump look bad, which is easy to do. The also go all out to make Clinton look good, and that is a challenge.

What matters comes later.

If Trump is president, he will be opposed by both Republicans and Democrats in both Senate and House. They will discover the need to reinstate constitutional limits on executive authority.

If Clinton is president, all will follow the Glorious Leader as she gives more power to her friends, supranational political and economic powers.

Save the United States!

Ira Edwards


Thanks for return

On Friday, July 15, after shopping at Winco, my purse got left in the shopping cart. (I'm an old lady!). Some sweet person of unusual integrity returned it intact to the store, who then called me.

Can you imagine my relief? I wish I knew who to thank for such a kind deed. Since I don't have a name I thought perhaps they or someone they know might read the Mail Tribune editorial page.

Thank you, whoever you are. I'm so grateful to you for watching out for people like myself. You made my day.

Faye Rachal


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4