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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 18

Vetting is a must

A recent immigrant's letter used a pretty insulting attack against the entire GOP as being destructive to America. Some of us on the other side of the aisle believe it is the Democratic progressives who are destructive to America.

I subscribe to the good character traits he mentioned, but I do not support open borders. Considering the events that have occurred here and Europe I believe a thorough vetting process is an absolute must. My wife is an immigrant (1968) and she says, "Boy, did I have to jump through hoops, police reports, residence history, medical requirements, occupation, work history, etc."

If the letter writer believes the Democratic nominee gives a rat's a-- about him, the middle class, working Americans, etc., lots of luck. She is only interested in power. Her character has been well documented. It all depends on the meaning of "is." (William Clinton, president, 1992-2000).

Ralph O. Wyant

Eagle Point

Much ado

Regarding OSF Executive Directo rCynthia Rider's overreaching request to Judi Honorés display of banned books in her Shakespeare Books and Antiques bookstore to remove the books she objects to is over the top on the political correctness scale. Her pendulum has gone off the chart in the wrong direction.

Cynthia Rider first has absolutely no right to request a business owner in Ashland or anywhere else to cease her display of books that personally offend her or she and her store face the outright threat that "We will not buy anything from your store." My goodness, who does she think she is?

She is causing bad press for OSF and the Ashland community and the many visitors who come every year. I have been a member of OSF for 24 years and a happy volunteer for the community. I am now offended by Rider and her oversensitivity to what I believe to be a request that can backfire for OSF and the company she represents.

Seems to me any discussion or mediation that Councilor Carol Voisin has suggested is a waste of time. It is really "Much Ado about Nothing." Is Cynthia Rider trying to write her own play?

B. Field


Hillary's America

The movie "Hillary's America" started with the Democratic Party when Andrew Jackson instilled black slavery, lynchings, segregation, forced sterilization, immigration for votes, and 50 lashings for those who opposed him, as the Republicans stood up to this injustice. The scheme: plot the plan, lie, make it believable, accuse opponents of right-wing conspiracy and then deny, deny, deny. If the scheme doesn't work, make up a new one.

The history and facts cannot be denied. The Clintons made millions from Bill's speeches while Hillary gave favors being Secretary of State. They begged on TV for people to give money to their foundation to help the people in Haiti. Where is the money to have helped them?

Today's promises: government control over your life. Keep your doctor and your plan and your premiums will go down, free education, over-taxation to cover those who get the freebies, social engineering and military cuts.

Debbie Dauenhauer


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 18