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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21

Survivors tax cut

While we appreciate them immensely, the word "hero" has been watered down. People vie for police/fire and other government jobs because of their excellent salaries, retirement, pensions, perks, etc. They absolutely know what they’re competing for and make the decision whether the benefits are worth the risk.

Taxpayer dollars shouldn’t additionally provide them property-tax exemptions.

Everyone’s a hero who works every day (sometimes at two or three jobs) to support their families. If these spouses die (whether from workplace hazards, environment, safety issues or just commuting to work) it’s still a result of earning a living.

Retired couples work all their lives to raise families, take care of their homes and pay off their mortgages. Their spouse dies, suddenly their Social Security is halved, yet their taxes/fees and cost of living keep going up every year, just when their medical issues/costs skyrocket.

Yes, we would be one of the first to call fire or police departments for help, but we pay ever-increasing taxes/fees for them and they made the choice.

There are many risky jobs; not all have choices and perks.

Hardship is hardship for survivors, regardless of spouse’s occupation. Any spouse losing a partner should get an exemption.

S. and J. Davey


Cartoon offensive

As much as I love cartoons, I am offended by the political cartoon run on the editorial page Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. As an editor you should have refused to print that image.

It matters not at all who the drawing refers to, their political persuasion, or station in life, the image is vulgar and offensive by any standard and speaks volumes of the crudeness and lack of character and moral fiber, on the behalf of the artist and those who think this depiction has any intellectual merit. It is the sort of cretin response expected and appreciated by those of the basest mentality. I would hope you, as an editor, would recognize and edit out trash.

I am a firm believer in the First Amendment, but that right does not mean that they should utter just anything that comes to mind; nor should their utterance necessarily be repeated by anyone else, least of all the media.

Louis Glinkman


Think about it

From the U.S. Constitution: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Most people ignore the first words of the amendment, but they are the basis for gun control and more; for gun owners are in the militia. To know who is in our militia, we need gun registration, and this also helps keep criminals and the mentally unfit out of the militia.

Many states require firearms training — our militia should know how to use their weapons effectively. Local and federal government could place further responsibilities on gun owners as members of the militia. Think about.

Robert D. Mumby


What is he hiding?

Donald Trump claims to be open and free-speaking. “What you see and hear is what you get,” he claims.

Why, then, doesn’t he release his tax returns? Like every mainstream presidential candidate since Nixon! What is he hiding?

Without releasing his taxes we don’t know:

  • If he has paid any or substantial taxes.
  • How much he is really worth, ater his four bankruptcy filings!
  • Whether he has given much to charity.
  • What ties he has to Putin and his friends.
  • What other foreign business interests he has, despite his claims to support American workers!

Come on, Mr. Trump, come clean!

Robert John Scheelen


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21