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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 22


Why do people speed, tailgate and run red lights?

Why are victimless crimes illegal?

Why do politicians use political speak, just answer the question.

Why do Democrats defend Hillary to the point of absurdity?

Why is cellphone service so expensive?

Why do we have a $20 trillion debt?

Why do we ship jobs overseas, and then pay people to stay home?

Why don’t I know anybody that’s a racist?

Why do we have a "War on Drugs"? It’s obviously not working.

Why can’t I get my telephone and current TV/Movies on the internet?

Why don’t we get 80 percent of our power from nuclear?

Why don’t we have a great electric car battery?

Why don’t we have a simple, fair income tax?

Why do people abuse handicap placards and the use of service dogs?

Why is K-12 education essentially a monopoly?

Why does college cost so much?

Why do houses cost so much?

Why, if Congress has a 10 percent approval rate, do we re-elect 95 percent of them?

Why does the Supreme Court have so many 5-4 decisions along political lines?

Why haven’t the people in charge fixed all of these things?

Larry Fields


Unequal coverage

On Aug. 8, Donald Trump presented his economic plan of lower taxes, less regulation and for freeing the private sector to create millions of jobs. The Tribune did not cover that speech. Why is that?

On Aug. 11, Hillary Clinton presented her economic plan, such as it was. The Tribune covered her speech. Why hers and not Trump's? How is that objective and fair journalism? How does reporting only one side of an issue help your readers reach an informed opinion?

The opinions in the Our View column belong to you and rightfully so. But these views should not taint your news coverage in the rest of your publication.

There may or may not be a President Trump. But the election should not be influenced by press bias. I request that you follow the lead of the New York Times and appoint a public advocate for your readers.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

All the best to Brad

While driving down McAndrews recently, I saw Brad Villalobos and his mother, Rhonda, waving to drivers, and I waved back, wondering who they were.

I was happy to see Brad's story in the Aug. 15 Mail Tribune. It brought a smile to my face, and a tug at my heart.

I wish Brad only the best at whatever endeavor he attempts, and to his mother Rhonda, you are a fantastic, inspirational mother. God bless both of you.

And major kudos to MetroPCS for stepping up to the plate with a job for Brad.

Curt Ankerberg


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 22