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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25

A valuable asset

I opened the Medford Tribune recently to see some distressing news about the Belle Fiore Winery.

When I discovered Belle Fiore several years ago, I was so pleased with the beautiful building and the view of their vineyards, I felt like I had been transported to the beautiful European wine country. Then, when the delicious meal was served to us while we were entertained by relaxing music it completed a very delightful day. My companion and I have gone back several times to enjoy what we had found, and today we put Belle Fiore on the top of our entertainment list for visitors who stop by to see us.

I hope we don't lose this valuable asset because of some out-of-date law or ruling that needs to be evaluated.

Paul J. Brown

Central Point

Media bias

As the 2016 presidential race heads into the home stretch we are seeing the almost complete abandonment of any impartiality by the American national media. There is now a full-court press in efforts to denigrate, demonize and ridicule one candidate while softballing the very real problems of the other.

Election reporting can get down and dirty, but we have not witnessed anything like the current situation since the vicious media attacks on Barry Goldwater in 1964 with the hysterical predictions of nuclear Armageddon if he was elected.

The hope that members of the Fourth Estate would remain neutral in presidential elections seems rather quaint and old-fashioned today. But the current partisan attacks on one candidate are helping to further erode the belief of the American people in a free press.

Tom Brussat


Thanks for support

The Rogue Chapter 1260 of the Non Commissioned Officers Association recently held a Snowflake event in Josephine County to bring Gold Star children and their moms together to have fun and to bond. These kids lost a father to the War on Terror since 9/11.

We want to thank Jeff Hyde and Evergreen Bank for their financial support, Grants Pass Active Club for greasing some wheels, the Bear Motel for breakfast and a very fun and educational tour, Wildlife Images for reduced rates and a great tour, Amy at Oregon Caves for the educational experience and Diane Gilbertson and Fred Reyes for transportation to all the tours. Additionally, Holly and her staff at the Riverside Inn for their assistance with lodging and the Taprock and Shari's for helping to feed the families. Finally, I want to thank Harry & David for the welcome baskets to greet the families upon arrival.

Terry M. Haines

Central Point

We've seen it before

What do you do when your liquefied natural gas pipeline is turned down by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the local people?

You get a local group to start an advertising campaign, all cleverly orchestrated by a public relations firm. You purchase some expensive advertising on television, radio, and newspaper. You make a lot of exaggerated and contrived claims about the benefits to the local community.

Now comes the good part. Who pays for the expensive public relations firm and the advertising? Maybe the public is just a little smarter than the “Boost” handlers give us credit for.

Thomas Collett

Gold Hill

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25