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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7

Thanks to community

I’d like to thank the entire local community for their help during our search for Ashley Laird. We had hundreds of people come to our door to help, and thousands more spreading the word online. Police, sheriffs, and SAR devoted their knowledge and care to finding Ashley. Many other people conducted searches on their own — we’ll never know the names of all the people who helped us. The outpouring of love and support we received has left us grateful and humbled.

Ashley is recovering slowly but surely and it appears she will have no lasting injuries. We are so happy to have her home and safe! We live in a special place, surrounded by special people.

Dan Arnold, Sage and Ashley’s entire family

Is this who we are?

He appeals to fear. There are many things to be fearful of in these times: climate change, terrorist threats and financial insecurity, to name a few. Trump’s speeches appeal to these fears and reveal a candidate who is a genuine racist, bigot, and hatemonger.

We also see a man with no intellect beyond soundbites that attract racist, bigoted, hate-filled voters. Supporters of Donald Trump urge us to ignore the biased media. The mainstream media is biased — in Trump’s favor, since they fail to hold him fully accountable for his ignorant, hate-filled campaign.

What has happened to reason and logic? The world of Trump is not the world of a generous, intelligent, caring electorate. It is a national embarrassment that anyone of such low moral character is able to achieve such public support. What is disgraceful is that Trump enjoys any support at all. Is this who we are? Really?

Trisha Vigil


Elect Moro, Moran, Marsh

Congratulations to Tonia Moro on her election as Democratic nominee for state Senate District 3 on the November ballot. Party precinct committee persons (PCPs) had a tough choice to make, but their electing Tonia on the first ballot demonstrated that she was the strongest candidate among the 13 who threw their hats in the ring.

Congrats also to Kevin Talbert, who the county commissioners picked to be the interim senator until the winner of the November election is sworn in next January.

Hats off to Mike Moran, who announced he would not vie with Tonia and others for the Senate position but will remain a candidate for House District 6, the Medford state representative seat that has too long belonged to the ultra-conservative Sal Esquivel.

I’m urging voters to elect Tonia Moro our new senator and Mike Moran and Pam Marsh (House District 5) our new state representatives in November.

Allen Hallmark


Trump's shallowness

In 2007 Donald Trump (http://time.com/3962799/donald-trump-hillary-clinton/) stated: “Hillary Clinton … is a terrific woman.” Trump added that he likes both Hillary and Bill and thinks she does a good job.

Of Trump’s contributions to "The Art of the Deal," the publisher indicated they amounted to virtually nothing Meanwhile, Tony Schwartz, the real author who spent 18 months living in Trump’s back pocket, stated: “I put lipstick on a pig.”

Other Schwartz insights (http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/07/25/donald-trumps-ghostwriter-tells-all) indicate that Trump cannot maintain focus for more than few minutes, that Trump’s knowledge is very shallow and amounts to “plain ignorance.” We also learn that lying is second nature to Trump, that he cannot tell the difference between lies and the truth, and is driven only by an insatiable hunger for “money, praise, and celebrity.” Finally, Schwartz tells us that if he were elected, supporters would be disappointed to discover that “he couldn’t care less about them.”

Alan Journet


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7