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Sept. 9: Letters to the Editor

Thanks for pet photos

Thank you to everyone who shares photos of beloved pets, gardens, flowers, travel, etc.

We just lost the love of our life, our Welsh corgi, Chaz.

For everyone who has the heart of a child and hopes to see them again. Song of Solomon 8:6, "Love is as strong as death."

Hug your pets and keep sending your photos. God bless.

Joan White


Valley dodged a bullet

I have the sense that Ashland/Talent and the Rogue Valley in general may have just dodged a big bullet, and escaped a potentially disastrous wildfire. The Gap Fire, just across the California border from us in Siskiyou County, grew from a few hundred acres last weekend to 27,759 acres on Wednesday. It remains on the south side of the Klamath River, but is very close to Happy Camp and probably 20 miles or so from the Oregon-California border.

Its rate of growth has been slowed dramatically by a cooler (85 degrees rather than 95-100 degrees) marine air system that followed our long August hot spell. IF that had not been the case, IF the heat wave had continued, and IF a strong south wind had pushed the fire north across the border, firefighters would now be struggling to control a wildfire on the edge of the Ashland Watershed. Those are some pretty big "ifs," but that is the worst case scenario for our valley.

I trust Oregon and California firefighters and other officials have their plans in place.

John Enders


Help us walk, bike, ride

It scares me how people drive, ignoring bike lanes — if/when there is one — nearly sideswiping bicyclists, passing on the right and using bike lane as a passing lane, ignoring bicyclists and walkers. They also park in bike lanes. Walkers have to try to be safe among cars — many drivers exceed the speed limits and try to dodge traffic putting their life/lives in danger.

For all of us – from children to adults and seniors:

Please have (and enforce) safe bike lanes, walking safety etc. and public transportation funding — even though the anti-bike, anti-pedestrian, anti-regulation, anti-government folks are SO vocal.

I want to bike safely, walk safely and I want everyone else to be able to do so also. Also support public transportation! There are more and more people who can not drive, as they get older or have physical issues or have less income or want or need to walk or bike or ride public transportation.

All those options are good for all of us! Please fund, plan for and encourage this. Thank you!

Elizabeth Hayes


Guns and health

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court recently upheld a lower decision that blocked the sale of guns to citizens with medical marijuana cards, citing a federal law that prohibits the sale of guns to known dangerous drug users.

If I’m not allowed to buy a gun I must assume possession of a gun for those of us with medical marijuana prescriptions is also a violation of federal law. Will some overzealous federal agent demand I surrender my guns? If I destroy my medical marijuana card can I buy and possess guns once again?

Our dysfunctional Congress stomps on my Second Amendment rights if I opt for the medical treatment that works best for me. Vote them all out. Elect responsible progressive candidates who value intellect and service over partisanship and campaign contributions.

Jerry Bevens

Eagle Point

Sept. 9: Letters to the Editor