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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

Vote for DeBoer

Alan Deboer gets my vote for Oregon State Senate District 3 and should get yours! I’ve known Alan for 27 years as an employee, a partner in business and as a close friend. Alan’s integrity is beyond reproach. Whether in business, as the mayor of Ashland for four years, as a Little League coach, or as a board member for one of the numerous boards he’s served on, Alan goes above and beyond. He has devoted countless time and energy as a volunteer for our community.

Born and raised in Ashland, Alan’s impact makes people’s lives better and that’s what he’ll do when elected. He will work with both sides of the aisle, it will be what’s the best thing for Oregon and Oregon’s residents. Get out and vote for a better Oregon — Alan Deboer!

Greg Glass


Best choice for assessor

David Arrasmith, candidate for Jackson County assessor, stands out as the best choice in the Nov. 8 general election. His commitment to reach out and talk to taxpayers has been demonstrated many times since he announced his candidacy.

Arrasmith has set up an information booth at many local events throughout the county, and six different times in Ashland's downtown plaza. He has visited with taxpayers during neighbor-to-neighbor meetings held in seven different city libraries.

Dale Smith

Central Point

Koskinen arrogant

Regarding John Koskinen, IRS commissioner: I strongly disagree with this article! If anyone saw him before the congressional committee, you would have been appalled at his behavior. He was arrogant, untruthful, and he acted as if the committee was way beneath his pay grade. It was the typical "I don't know," and "we are doing everything we can to correct the problem."

I know, he will probably never be impeached, but I can see why the members of the committee want to impeach him.

"The initial reports turned out not to reflect much of a scandal." Baloney!

This is another example as to why the people of America are fed up with our government.

Dan Drebes


Trump's simplistic solutions

Donald Trump's simplistic solutions to complex problems:

Illegal immigration: Build a "beautiful" wall and deport 11 million people.

Terrorism: Ban Muslims from entering our country, torture prisoners and kill their families.

Middle East conflicts: "Bomb the s--- out of ISIS" and "take their oil."

Russian expansionism: Praise Putin for his leadership and cozy up to him.

Trade policy: Tear up existing agreements and use economic blackmail to negotiate better ones.

Overuse of lethal force by police: "More police."

Race relations: "What the hell do you have to lose?"

Climate change: No solution needed, it's all a Chinese hoax, so just keep burning fossil fuels.

Laughable absurdities from a man who owns casinos, golf courses, beauty pageants and fake universities. Insane, ignorant and dangerous rhetoric from a candidate for president of the United States. Anyone planning to vote for him should think long and hard about their choice.

Claude Aron


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14