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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15

Casino consequences

Recently we visited a friend in Sonoma County, a police officer on the Santa Rosa force. We asked him about the effects to the department and to public safety of an Indian casino recently built (on non-tribal land) south of the city near Highway 101. He smiled,"Well, our calls for prostitution, auto theft and assaults are certainly down; the area around the casino in Rohnert Park has seen quite an increase."

I hope the societal and financial consequences to the community are considered when the proposed casino on Highway 99 in south Medford is debated. Kudos to all the local governmental bodies who are actively opposing this project. It will not benefit our county at all; we can do better.

Deborah Miller


Red-light runners

Regarding the Since You Asked on red light violators in the Sept. 16 edition of the MT: Evidently MPD has not observed Delta Waters / Highway 62 intersection activity.

I have never been at this stop light without seeing anywhere from two to six drivers running the red light entering from Delta Waters turning left onto Highway 62 towards Interstate 5. Drivers coming from Walmart are in serious danger turning right onto Highway 62 if they are in the right lane and there is a large vehicle to their left obstructing their view. Something needs to be done about this.

Nancy Shaw

Central Point

Keeping racism going

Reading the Leonard Pitts Jr. column on Sept. 7 was insulting to every race. He tells us eight ways to talk to black people. I always figured you talked to everyone the same.

We are all people no matter the color of my skin. Is there someone that should be telling people how to talk to white people, or red, or brown?

This racism is getting ridiculous. Under the color of our skin we are all the same. Why do people have to keep stirring the pot to keep it going instead of trying to correct it? The media is not helping it or the politicians. Do they want to keep it going?

Judy Westcott


Nice to know

Trump "reads body language"?

Nice to know he reads something!

Marlyn Mason


Misrepresenting the debt

The letter from Gordon DeVos misrepresents the reality of the national debt.

When George W. Bush took office from Bill Clinton he inherited an annual budget surplus of $236 billion. After several poor decisions, tax cuts for the wealthy, an expensive and reckless invasion of Iraq among others, he handed off to the Obama administration an annual budget deficit of $1.4 trillion and an economy facing a depression. The Obama administration, with little help from congressional Republicans, has reduced the annual budget deficit to about $450 billion for the fiscal year 2016. With a continuation of current policies and a cooperative Congress, this dudget deficit could be erased in the next four to eight years with Hillary Clinton as president.

Alexander W. Davie


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15