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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22

Claims vs. reality

Mark Freeman’s recent article, (Applegate residents fume over BLM Plan) addresses concerns raised by the Applegate Neighborhood Network and the Bureau of Land Management’s response regarding the Nedsbar project. Unfortunately, the piece just perpetuates misinformation that is commonly disseminated about BLM management projects. Examples:

Claim: heavy-handed cutting of 5 million board feet.

Actuality: 3.44 million board feet.

Claim: 1,112 acres of scattered cutting area.

Actuality: 611 acres of cutting area, (yes, it’s very scattered)

Claim: BLM stiff-armed the community alternative.

Actuality: The BLM has been working with the Applegate community for years on the project and has made numerous changes/modifications that dropped/reduced harvest units to address the community’s concerns.

The ANN should be pointing out the worst part about this project: It will have little to no effect on improving the health of the forest, contrary to the BLM’s assertion. The project will remove only about a truckload of logs per acre from scattered areas that will see harvest. This is simply not enough density reduction to make any significant impact to reduce catastrophic fire risks or improve forest health. So it’s not just the Applegate residents “getting the finger,” it’s all of us.

Jeremy Wuerfel


Trump needs vetting

Clinton has been under scrutiny for years, but Trump needs “extreme vetting.” We haven’t even seen his birth certificate, much less his tax returns. All we know is that he’s a rude, crude real estate buffoon with a history of multiple bankruptcies who decided he’s ready to be leader of the free world.

His so-called campaign consists of hatemongering, name calling and crackpot conspiracy theories. Facing almost certain defeat, he’s already claiming the election is rigged. One of the things that make America great is having peaceful transfers of power. Trump seems determined to change that.

He won’t be getting any of Oregon’s electoral votes, so he’d be irrelevant except that Greg Walden supports him. During the primary Republicans readily observed that Trump’s appalling ignorance, bigotry and contempt for the Constitution make him unfit for office. By the same token, so are the politicians that endorse him.

Michael Steely


Let OLCC sell pot

I was wondering: Why not have the Oregon Liquor Control Commission distribute or sell marijuana? They already are controlling the legalities. I think it would he harder for those under 21 to access it if it was sold in the state liquor stores. Some minors will get it anyway, just like they get the alcohol, but it would curtail it.

I think the liquor commission is doing a great job selling the alcohol. They are a better watch guard than having it in grocery stores, etc. I think the marijuana should be under the same control and should not be sold with medical marijuana outlets.

Donna Simmons


Why we need Pitts

I'm very happy that Judy Westcott seems to "get it" (Letters, Sept. 15).

Sadly in our country too many folks don't, hence the need for a black man who has been there trying to educate those who don't "get it."

Mary Lewis


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22