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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24

Lizzy says thanks

I'm writing this for our dog Lizzy. Lizzy was part of the Friends of the Animal Shelter Paws for a Cause Dog Walk and Fair sponsored by Nature's Pet Market.

Lizzy tells me with her tail wagging that this was one woof of an event. Lizzy walked the walk and woofed the woofs with all of her many buddies who made the dog walk and fair a fun event. Lizzy wants to thank all the FOTAS and Nature's Pet Market folks who worked so hard for her and her many friends to have a delightful day.

Jack Shaffer


Estate tax is fairest

Donald Trump has announced his intention to repeal the federal estate tax if elected. (Why am I not surprised?) But a word of rebuttal: I say the estate tax is the fairest and least painful tax of all, and should be retained and increased.

One of our cherished rights as Americans is the right of the individual to enjoy the fruits of his/her own labor. This right extends to the heirs — they may enjoy the fruits of their labor as well, not a life of ease based on their parents’ labor. I’ve heard it said by some that their goal in life was to live so that their last check — the one to the undertaker — would bounce. Think what that would do for consumer spending! But we seek a happy medium. We want to give our kids a leg up by leaving them something, but $5.4 million (the basic estate tax exemption) is more than enough for that.

The point is that the estate tax interferes with that right less than any other tax, and a substantial increase would allow for reducing other taxes with no loss of revenue to the government.

Barden Finch


Unanswered questions

Benghazi. There continue to be unanswered questions about Benghazi.

How could Hillary and the POTUS sit and watch Americans be murdered and then respond in such a strange manner? Damien McElroy of CNN reported in 2013 that the CIA had been pressuring operatives to suppress information about arms smuggling into Benghazi. The New York Times reported in December 2012 that missiles sent to Qatar were being used to arm rebels in Libya. As reported by the Asian Tribune, Sen. Rand Paul questioned why the State Department advised their employees that they should not testify before the Senate or House of Representatives and that they were sequestered.

So, to explain all of this activity, Hillary said that an offensive video caused the attack on Benghazi. When asked if there were illegal arms shipments taking place at that time she replied, "you would have to ask the CIA." Coverups and misleading the public seem to be her style, and she wants to be president of the United States.

James Walden

Central Point

Displeased and disappointed

We share the opinion of many letter writers who are displeased and disappointed with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s bullying of a shopkeeper, a novel way of bullying the community. There is little need to reiterate the details, and like others, we will not renew membership if Rauch and Rider and OSF in general do not retract. Since OSF disdains the community, we suggest that readers follow a course designed to yield results.

Loss of funding is likely to get OSF’s attention; it receives public funds (check its website) from agencies including the City of Ashland, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust and Oregon Humanities. Corporate and charitable foundations also provide support. How many will want to be affiliated with a bullying organization that ignores the principles of our society and legal system?

Please take the time to write to OSF Board members and the various funding agencies that keep OSF in business; ask them to withhold funding OSF until it behaves responsibly.

Mary and Ted Tsui


Only with permission

As a non-hunter I rarely check out information on the subject, but to my surprise I glanced at the article by Mark Freeman in the Outdoors section of Friday, Sept. 16. Even more to my surprise — rin — was the statement that Rogue Valley elk hunters who want to improve their success rate should think about going low and on private grounds. Surely Mr. Freeman, who is quite knowledgeable, must mean if one has permission to hunt on any private land.

I well remember dreading hunting season the many years we lived in the Applegate surrounded by BLM and/or Forest Service land. The few neighbors posted signs — with permission — stating no hunting on our land, and yet trucks would stop and hunters would get out and survey our fields. We often felt unsafe and had some terrible incidents, including the shooting of a deer right in our driveway.

Needless to say most private property owners do not appreciate Friday’s type of suggestion unless is made very clear any hunting there needs to be only with their permission.

Barbara Dallas


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24