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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28

Trains far from romantic

Let me present "my view" to the writers of "Our view: Train Romance lost on neighbors" editorial of Friday, Sept. 16.

1. There is nothing romantic about a shrill train horn blasting several times in the middle of the night outside your bedroom window. Romantic is a candlelight dinner with soft music.

2. Fire season happens every year in Southern Oregon. This is the first season the railroad has expressed concerns and decided to run the trains at night. Could it be that preventive actions by them, such as keeping the tracks weed free, presented too much of an expense?

3.The Ashland Historic Railroad District has and will thrive with or without deafening trains blasting through it. The last eight years proves it.

4."Valuable commerce" is a positive cash flow business that flourishes without tax-driven subsidies. Everybody seems to forget that this railroad receives government subsidies to survive. Oh, by the way, government has no money of its own. It is our tax money supporting the railroad. And what do I get in return? A complete disregard and indifference by this railroad for my health and my opinion.

Ester Fredrickson


Incensed by BLM

As a community member of the Applegate Valley who has joined with hundreds of others working in good faith for the last few years, I am incensed by the BLM’s proposed Alternative 4 of the Nedsbar Timber Sale. Although the agency claims to have "blended" Alternative 4 and the Community Alternative, 5, not a shred of the CA can be found in the Decision Record. Under this irresponsible plan:

  • No diameter limit will be implemented (fire-resilient old growth equals cut).
  • Canopy cover levels will be reduced far below those recommended in the CA (increasing fuel load and future forest fire severity).
  • Roadless areas will be logged.
  • New roads will be built in watersheds already suffering from high road density.
  • Riparian reserves recommended for protection will be logged.
  • Black plastic will be used to cover piles and burned.
  • Endangered northern spotted owl habitat will be hreatened.
  • Not a single unit will be treated with the detailed and scientifically valid prescriptions designed by the community in the CA, and that’s not all!

Jo Ferneau


Moro is on our side

For years, Southern Oregon landowners have been trying to stop a giant Canadian corporation from using eminent domain to force us to have a large-scale pipeline cross our land as part of a natural gas export project on the coast.

Tonia Moro has been a reliable ally, using her legal skills to challenge a key part of this energy export scheme.

The so-called LNG project would not only trample landowner rights but also threaten 400 waterways, drive up long-term energy costs, and create the largest source of climate-changing carbon pollution in the state.

It is opposed by a broad grassroots coalition that includes our Jackson County commissioners.

I'm glad to see that Tonia Moro was asked to run to replace Alan Bates as our state senator. When corporate special interests have threatened the public interest in Southern Oregon, she's been on our side and someone we can count on.

Deb Evans


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28