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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29

Supporting Moro

I urge support of Tonia Moro for the Oregon Senate.

Tonia has shown her leadership ability in her position with the Rogue Valley Transportation District as demonstrated by the successful campaign to obtain the passage of appropriate funding to expand hours and routes to meet the varied needs of our local citizens. To accomplish this, she was able to pull together support from the business, medical, student and general community.

Tonia has learned a working knowledge of government, in support of the needs of its citizens, by being a city attorney in our local communities.

Again, I urge support of Tonia Moro for Senate.

Gene Morgan


Yes for children

A letter by David Jones questioned local support for the proposed Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion. In response I would like to make known my support for monument expansion.

I and many of my neighbors live on private land within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and feel fortunate to live in such a special, ecologically diverse place. The monument is a refuge where I hike, camp and photograph the stunning variety of flowers that paint the hills each spring and summer.

My son has grown up hiking in the monument and learning about the plants and animals who are our neighbors here. The public land inside the monument is, and will continue to be, open to hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking and camping. I, for one, am grateful to have public lands that are managed for ecosystem protection and low-impact human uses.

Rather than locking out potential uses, as Jones suggests, I view managing our public lands for ecosystem protection as an act of love for our children and grandchildren that will allow them in to these special protected places, to hunt, fish, hike and camp like we do. Yes to monument expansion!

Sarah Fowler


Dialogue is useless

Am I the only one tired of our TV news channel reporters and panelists talking too fast, too loud, constantly interrupting each other or trying to out-talk one another? The dialogue becomes useless. What has happened to direct, polite and comprehensible reporting?

Pat Parsons


Teacher should be fired

The Medford teacher who put up a Black Lives Matter poster and Democrats "good," Republicans "bad" in his classroom should be fired!

Schools are pushing to make our kids liberal, and that shouldn't be allowed.

Donald Politis


Disappointed in Parker

I am deeply disappointed in Kathleen Parker's disinclination to endorse Hillary Clinton's candidacy in her column of Sept. 21. After her devastating critique of Donald Trump's qualifications for the presidency, she cravenly retreats with "this shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of Clinton ... It isn't the columnist's job to endorse political candidates."


Given the perceived dire consequences to the commonweal and the world of Trump's election to high office, it would seem to be the inellectual obligation of the acclaimed columnist to plainly declare her support for the better candidate.

Solomon Tesman


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29