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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3

Issues, not personalities

Every day we hear about the process of political campaigns and not the issues that affect us.

We learn that Candidate A called Candidate B a name, but not much about the policies that each supports or opposes.

Here locally, for example, there are real differences between the two State Senate candidates, Tonia Moro and Alan DeBoer.

Moro supported specific legislation to bring good-paying jobs to Southern Oregon installing solar power and retrofitting residential and commercial buildings for energy efficiency. DeBoer did not.

Moro supported specific legislation to allow cities in Southern Oregon to require that big new developments include some affordable housing. DeBoer did not.

Moro supports requiring big banks, insurance companies, and other giant corporations to pay their share for education and seniors like they do in other states. DeBoer does not.

Only Moro will represent all of us. That’s the real story.

Mark S. Kellenbeck


Stuhr has my vote

I wanted to relate a story about Angela Stuhr, running for Jackson County assessor.

I had an issue with the valuation of my home a couple of years back, which she helped to reconcile. That a resolution was reached was not the issue — anyone could have come up with a number, told us what it was, and case closed.

However, Angela explained the issues, discussed the laws and statutes that pertained to the case, and told us precisely what she could and could not do. We came away with an understanding of what they did for us and an appreciation for the fact that this was the best that could be done.

Not only was she competent, she was concerned and communicative. I feel if she can foster a culture that values those qualities in the Assessor's Office, we can do no better. She has my vote.

Ralph Martino


Endorsing DeBoer

I am writing to second the Mail Tribune's endorsement of Alan DeBoer for State Senate. Alan is a moderate Republican probably closest to the Lenn Hannon or Mark Hatfield mode. It's been a while since we have seen that.

He has a 30-year record of doing positive things for the community, including working with Alan Bates to put Ashland Community Hospital on a sound financial footing. He is an advocate of health care for all Oregonians. He also helped achieve solid performance goals and better finances for Ashland schools.

This sort of ability to reach across aisles and actually accomplish good works is the real voice that Southern Oregon needs in Salem. Don't be misled by the slurs and innuendos of his opponent's campaign attempting to wrap itself in Alan Bates' mantle. Dr. Bates didn't campaign like that and neither does Alan DeBoer.

Sally Schott


Arrasmith for assessor

It is the duty of the county assessor to use market evidence (i.e. sales data) to establish fair and accurate appraisals.

I believe an assessor candidate should not solicit any special interest groups, specifically developers and homebuilders, for assistance in valuing their properties. For a candidate to publicly state that she will defer valuation issues to those groups implies favoritism.

Arrasmith has a commitment to uphold the law and provide fair and accurate appraisals, based on market evidence (i.e. sales data). Mr. Arrasmith is truly dedicated to fair and equitable taxes for all. He shows no favoritism. These are the reasons I am casting my vote for David Arrasmith for assessor and I ask you to join me.

Susan Burns


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3