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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4

Moro the best choice

When I first met Tonia Moro her authenticity, honesty, and resolve stood out. She described her family, community leadership, and the sense of urgency to take action.

As a registered nurse, I care for our community at their most vulnerable times. I understand the importance of advocacy in our complex health care system. Tonia Moro understands the importance of advocating for all of us in our complex political system. Tonia will be a voice for quality health care, affordable housing, better schools and working families. She will fight for the vulnerable with practical solutions.

As an attorney Tonia will cross-examine any argument to make informed decisions. She knows from experience why prevention matters. She serves as RVTD chair and on the boards of OnTrack and Rogue Climate. We will not be left wondering her real position on the issues. The best choice for Senate District 3 is Tonia Moro.

Dan Richmond


Medford needs Wallan

I'm sure most of us have observed over the past few years that Medford's elected but volunteer City Council has functioned in significant disarray against a number of major controversies. The public has been little informed and questionably represented.

Ward 4 is open for new representation this year. And Kim Wallan is the standout candidate. She is whip-smart, courageous and open. On the School Board, Kim questioned the controversial large raises lavished on administrators in a time of serious budget problems, helped bring in a new superintendent and walked a treacherous teachers' strike.

After way too much time and fumbling, Medford finally has a new and hopefully competent city manager. Let's get a City Council that can figure out what it is supposed to do, and do it.

Kim Wallan will hit the ground running and it is not an overstatement to say Medford desperately needs her intelligence and capabilities.

David Schott


To clear things up

Several people write in stating there are unsubstantiated rumors about Trump. To clear things up, here are the documented facts so far:

Donald Trump has been married three times and as soon as his wife gains a couple pounds he dumps her. He states he has no respect for women. He's cheated on all his wives. He bragged about groping women and he can get away with it. He filed for bankruptcy four times. Attacked fallen U.S. soldiers, POWs, veterans and their families. He dodged the draft, paid no income tax for 20 years, ran fake charities, committed insurance fraud to the amount of $17 million. He talks about his genitals during speeches and makes fun of those with disabilities. He is currently under investigation for fraud. Now he is endorsed by the KKK because his views on minorities matches theirs. This is not someone who should be in charge of our nation.

Brenda Davis


Supporting Becker

As a six-year veteran of Jacksonville’s City Council, I have seen us become a council set on finding solutions, not creating division. It is not because we all share the same perspectives, it’s more than that.

I attribute much of that success to Mayor Paul Becker’s flexibility, respect for others and their opinions, as well as his management/leadership style. I would venture to guess that is the reason he garners such a high level of respect and support from those that he works with week in and week out on the council as well as with staff. That is why I support his re-election as mayor. He is a leader who has always shown truthfulness and objectivity for doing what’s best for all of Jacksonville.

David Jesser, City Council president


Yes on Heritage District

History is a sense of place and community. It's much more than names and dates, facts and figures — it's the story of how all people have created the world we live in today. History shows us the tangible links between our past and our present, and it helps inspire how we as a society move into the future.

The 15 historical and genealogical societies in Jackson County are uniquely poised to help make this connection between the past and present. Without these societies, Jackson County residents will lose access to the stories and objects that helped shape our home into the place we love and live in today. Please vote Yes on Measure 15-164 in November to create the Rogue Valley Heritage District.

Amy Drake


Shorten the campaigns

The money spent by all of the candidates during this two-year election cycle has been exorbitant. Why can't we shorten the campaigns to a much shorter period like they do in many European countries?

The millions/billions of dollars wasted could be used for worthwhile projects like job training, repairing our infrastructure and education, just to name a few. Now to this monumental election: there's a woman who is qualified, and a man who doesn't have a clue!

Bob Miller


Supporting Kepple

As a Klamath County School Board member, I’ve seen Todd Kepple’s commitment to education. He is the only candidate who has been in our schools, served as a parent volunteer throughout his daughter’s K-12 education, and was an adviser for our successful school bond passage. Character is an issue in this race and I support Todd Kepple for State Senate.

Steve Lowell

Klamath Falls

Voting for Stein

Are we to believe and be bound by the choice for president between the only two people given any mainstream media attention? How many will vote for one because they don't want the other?

What about a complete 360 and vote for a green new "precedent"? Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka have intelligent, well-informed answers to the difficult questions facing us!

Please take some time to listen to her on YouTube or Facebook. There is still hope for intelligent choices and peace on Earth. Spread the word. She has my vote and support for sure, slam dunk, no doubts and confidence!

Daniel Gregg


Vote Stromberg

We're living in a time of upheaval, partisan rancor, and profound change. So what kind of mayor do you want to elect to see us through the next years?

I'm looking for one who has studied deeply the crucial issues our community faces and understands how, by coming together to face harsh realities, we can generate fresh ways forward and become a stronger, healthier community.

John Stromberg fits the bill perfectly. He's one of the most open-minded, least partisan persons I know. He doesn't focus on politics as a game of power plays and warring factions. Rather, he views our city as an organism, a living whole. For him dissenting voices are not threats but signs that one part of the civic body is out of balance and needs tending.

John has taken a strong lead on issues of climate change, homelessness and affordable housing. Vote Stromberg for mayor.

Carolyn Shaffer


Supporting Gordon

I have resided in Ward 1 in the city of Medford for 18 years. During the past eight years I have spoken to Dick Gordon on multiple occasions referencing matters pertaining to my neighborhood or the city. I have found Gordon to be approachable, knowledgeable, articulate and honest in the expression of his view or position on the subject of our discussions. While we may have not always reached a complete consensus on the subject in question, there is no doubt in my mind that Gordon has the best interest of the city and his ward as his primary goal.

The qualities noted should be evidenced in every public official and certainly warrant Gordon's re-election to the position of councilman in Ward 1.

James Greathouse


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4