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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10

Choose words with care

At risk of being considered a poor Republican winner, I’m again faced with a dilemma created by the Mail Tribune. I have long felt the Mail Tribune has a liberal agenda and have been tempted to cancel my subscription because of the perceived bias.

On Wednesday, the “Our View” editorial calls for “healing and reconciliation,” but also notes that it won’t likely come soon. Nice words, but does the Mail Tribune take any responsibility for helping create the divide? In your endorsement for Hillary in “Our View” (Nov. 1) you called Donald Trump “utterly unfit to serve as president” and electing him would be an “unimaginable disaster.” You furthermore called him “remarkably ignorant” and “frighteningly reckless,” not to mention “vindictive” and “childish.” Just which of these statements promotes unity?

Trump does not represent all of my views, and I certainly don’t defend parts of his past conduct. However, time will write his legacy.

It is my hope that in the future the Mail Tribune chooses its words and descriptions with a greater degree of decorum with regards to its political agenda in these challenging days. My subscription depends on it.

J. Dean Freeman


Moving on

As a life-long Democrat, I pass on congratulations to my Republican friends for winning the presidency, Senate and House. With the Republican Party now controlling the United States government, I cannot wait for how they will Make America Great Again.

As such, I note as benchmarks that unemployment is at 4.9 percent, 68 consecutive months of private-sector job growth, the Dow at 18,500, and the S&P at 2,150. I also am filled with anticipation on how the wall will be built with not a dime of U.S. money, how ISIS will be defeated, how the debt will be reduced, how America will be brought together, how the U.S. will be the primary world power in manufacturing and how my medical costs will be reduced with the repeal of Obamacare. With full Republican control, we expect the promises to be met.

Kevin Jones, MBA


Calling out the behavior

Sadly, ignorance, bigotry and chauvinism are alive and well in America. I am calling out the behavior, not the persons responsible, because they are known for the way they treat others.

Tom Espinosa


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10