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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16

Say goodbye

Say goodbye to free and fair elections. The Republicans will consolidate their power by manipulating the results of future elections, using voter suppression, redistricting, and lies.

Say goodbye to an independent, impartial judiciary. Republicans have no use for judges. They will appoint only hired guns who will carry out their agenda.

Say goodbye to net neutrality, campaign finance reform and any consumer protections.

Say goodbye to affordable health care, and for many Americans, say goodbye to any health care.

Say goodbye to the environment, and any serious attempt to mitigate global warming.

Say goodbye to overturning Citizens United, thus assuring a wide-open path to corruption of Congress and elections by moneyed interests.

Say hello to a chief executive and commander-in-chief who is deluded and dangerous.

America was great. Now it has become a third-rate mediocrity, well on its way to plutocracy or worse.

Herbert Childs


Put up the alternative

Now that the BLM’s proposed Nedsbar timber sale failed to sell, what next? No sale means no work to improve fire resiliency and no timber revenue to Jackson County — both bad results.

As one of the drafters of the Community Alternative, I urge the BLM to adopt the Community Alternative now and put it up for sale. True, there will be a lighter harvest, but there is a robust amount of commercial timber proposed in the Community Alternative and it includes a lot of essential fire fuels reduction and thinning work as well.

For those who assume offering less volume of commercial timber is counter-intuitive, there is precedent for a successful smaller sale. Only a few years ago, the BLM worked collaboratively with many of the same people in the community to rework another sale that initially failed to sell (Bald Lick) and the scaled-down version sold for several times the BLM’s asking price. Even better, the winning bidder was a local company, so the smaller sale actually helped produce both jobs and a revenue stream for Jackson County. Isn’t it worth trying again?

Priscilla Weaver

Applegate Valley

Stop complaining

As we watch rioters and destroyers of our cities rampaging against the election results, stop and think: How many of these idiots actually voted?

Statistics say 100 million eligible voters did not vote. Why? If you didn’t vote you have no right to complain.

They refuse to remember that Obama had the entire government, Senate, House and White House, for two years when he was elected. He got to do anything he wanted. He passed Obamacare with absolutely no Republican votes. Clinton is not the first candidate to receive the popular vote and not the Electoral College. She's the fourth.

Those of us who had to stand by while Obama criticized and demeaned our great country throughout the world didn’t riot in the streets or burn our cities. We were adult enough to know this was not the end of the world and that "this too would pass." How times have changed from a time when young men and women in their teens and twenties went to war to protect our country and way of life. Now the same age group needs safe areas on college campuses to protect them from words and thoughts they don’t want to hear.

P. Moran


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16