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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20

Hold DeBoer accountable

Alan DeBoer promised to be “our voice for accountability in the Oregon Senate.”

Let’s hold him accountable for carrying out his campaign promises.

In mailings, he promised to “increase funding and make schools the priority” and “cut overcrowding in our classrooms.” In the Oct. 17 MT, he promised to do this by “closing loopholes to make sure that everyone, including corporations mentioned in Measure 97, pay their fair share.”

Also, in that statement, he promised progress on “mass transit, affordable housing, homeless issues, food bank, historical, veterans, student loans, medical, education and senior care.” He also said he would ensure “quality, affordable health care for all Oregonians.”

When Tonia Moro called in a debate for investment in clean energy jobs in Southern Oregon, installing solar power and retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency, DeBoer agreed and said, “Let's do everything we can to improve the environment.”

When Tonia said local cities should have the right to require affordable housing units as part of big developments, he agreed with that, too. “Give me your vote, and in two years judge the results,” he said.

That’s what we should all do in November 2018.

Carol Doty


Why Trump won

Those lamenting the election blame the results on racism and bigotry. Wrong! Most American voters, including minorities, are caring and rational people with reasons for their votes. The mourners might learn something useful if they looked for actual reasons rather than howling to protest free elections.

Maybe some voters are weary of guarding every word lest they be condemned for offending some highly offendable minority.

Maybe some voters don't want the details of their lives to be managed by supra-national corporations and international politics.

Maybe some don't think it is wise to allow unrestrained immigration that includes many who want to destroy us.

Maybe some want to choose their medical care and their way of paying for it.

Maybe something has been lost in this country that could be retrieved, like a Constitiution.

This election may not bring these back, but it offers a chance.

Ira Edwards


Add Oregon to compact

For the second time in the 21st century, we've seen the president selected through the Electoral College.

Unlike any other election held in America, from the city council to the Senate, in presidential elections not all voters are equal. Perversely, for the one position that represents every single American, we differentiate the weight of our individual votes according to the state in which we live.

Although a constitutional amendment could eliminate the Electoral College, a simpler route is offered by the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. States joining the compact commit to assign their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. Once states totaling 270 electoral votes join the compact, the presidential election will be determined by all Americans equally.

Unfortunately, Oregon is currently not a member of the compact. Now is the time to add our votes to those of the compact states, which include our neighbors California and Washington (total is now 10 states with 165 electoral votes). Please urge your leaders to bring Oregon into the compact group during the 2017 legislative session so that in 2020 the popular vote will determine the outcome for the highest office in the land.

George Westermark


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20