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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7

Endorsing Pitts

I am writing this local newspaper to endorse the viewpoint of Leonard Pitts, which offers an intelligent and fact-based view of current events. Mr. Pitts' thoughtful commentary represents a viewpoint that is important in the fabric of society.

Interestingly, within this past year, conservative columnists with whom I generally disagree have expressed opinions closely related to those of the esteemed Leonard Pitts. I wish to continue this benefit of reading both similar and dissimilar opinions in the Tribune.

Randy Costello


Corporate greed

I was recently diagnosed with having a serious lung infection. My doctor prescribed several antibiotics, which were sent to my pharmacy who subsequently called and told me that one of them would cost almost $10,000.

I told my doctor about it and she said it must be for a year. No, it was for one month! Yes, $10,000 a month! How many people who need this drug can afford it? The supplier is Novartis.

I called Novartis for an explanation and they would not let me to talk to anyone who could provide one. The person that answered said she could share some information which was absolutely worthless. She gave the standard answer about the cost of research. So I asked her how much Novartis received from the taxpayers for research and she told me she could not share that information. Big surprise.

Considering the treatment I received, I came to one conclusion. Novartis is guilty of corporate greed. Big surprise.

David Asche


Attacks are not forgivable

In this past election I was on the receiving end of many nasty and outright lies about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. For every lie or act of vandalism I made a donation to her campaign, and I am still getting them weeks after the election.

A lot of the people in our valley believe in God, but how can so many in this valley have high morals and vote for man with no morals? I think a lot of the people were just uneducated to the facts.

The way Trump and his followers attack women and minorities is not forgivable. As Americans we need to stand up for what is right and what is wrong! To the people who know the difference, do not take it in stride, but object with a strong commitment but without the Trump vulgarity!

Bruce Bauer


Every pet's holiday wish list

1. To not live on a chain, but instead be free in a fenced area.

2. To have warm shelter from the cold, maybe just an igloo doghouse, or get to sleep inside at night.

3. To have fresh, unfrozen water every day in the cold winter months.

4. To be spayed or neutered, so I won’t have litters that end up at the animal shelter hoping to get homes.

5. To give me attention, even just a little bit. Maybe even brush me once in awhile.

For any or all of these wishes, your pet will give you a lifetime of unconditional love and be your loyal companion.

Please spay or neuter your pets, it saves lives!!

Leslee Freeman


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7