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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 13

Speak out against bigotry

Kudos to Michelle Blum Atkinson for taking down the bigoted sign in downtown Medford. Our community has no room for hate and discrimination. We hope all of our elected officials follow Michelle's lead and speak out against those who seek to exclude others. In the spirit of the season, let us all "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Lindsay and Jim Berryman


Support monument expansion

Living in Southern Oregon since 1976, I speak for wild areas.

Around 1980, statistics showed our nation’s old-growth forests were 95 percent clearcut — timber interests desiring half of the remaining 5 percent. Living close to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, science-based research shows how vital it is to expand this unique, biodiverse treasure as a wildlife corridor.

Dwelling in seven countries, plus several states, and traveling worldwide, I’ve witnessed a global view of wilderness sustainably maintained in various nations, benefiting and enriching the quality of all life. We’re aware forests help purify toxic air and create oxygen we need to live. We know great civilizations have perished from taking rather than balanced receiving and giving back to life.

National Geographic reported the Sahara Desert was once verdant forest denuded by humanity. Hopefully we’ll learn from our Native Americans — experts in sustainability for centuries. We have a choice: continue business as usual toward our nation’s decline, or live in balance, sustainably receiving and selflessly giving back to this awesome land and our Earth home.

Does this resonate? If so, speak with family, friends, Sen. Jeff Merkley and President Obama to support Cascade-Siskiyou Monument expansion now.

Jerilee Camille Newby


Column was an insult

From Harrop's Dec. 9 column, "Hillary Clinton, Martyr of the Year," is an insult to our intelligence. "The gang-up on Clinton amounted to political torture, the likes of which will be remembered for generations."

When first reading this article, I thought at first it was a satire or joke. After reading further, I assumed she was really serious!

Froma needs to look at the principle of "sowing and reaping." Hillary was reaping her "decades of coordinated" sowing. Period.

Dan Drebes


Trump knows their plan

Have you noticed how many people hate Donald Trump and look for any excuse to make him look bad? Even many leaders of the Republican Party and especially the media.

Why is this? The elites have a plan and Trump knows what their plan is and he doesn't agree with them. The elites want a one-world government they call Globalism or the New World Order. Their plan would do away with sovereign nations (such as the U.S.) and we would all become one socialist world. It would be controlled by the elites with all the power in their hands.

If you think this sounds like a good plan then reading a book about the Holocaust would be a helpful thing for you to do. Globalism is not a good thing and most of our people would agree. Donald Trump is not a perfect person and neither are we. If we love our nation and want what is best for our people, then we need to pray and support Mr. Trump and his cabinet.

Gordon DeVos


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 13