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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19

We need an indoor pool

Last Saturday we attended the (very crowded) high school swim meet at the Medford YMCA. Kudos to the area swimmers and the parents, families and coaches supporting the swimmers

Two thumbs down to the Rogue Valley for not even working actively for a decent indoor swimming facility. We’re surrounded by water (lakes, rivers, and the ocean). We need an indoor swimming facility that could be used by all the schools, and by the rest of the population. Area swim meets would bring in the almighty dollar that seems to be the only reason anything is done here. And it would enrich the lives of our children.

Come to a meet at the YMCA to cheer on the swimmers and see the conditions these amazing kids work under.

Bob and Barbara Reynolds


Brown's budget unacceptable

Gov. Kate Brown wants more money. Nearly $900 million in new spending is proposed by Governor Brown.

In her $20 billion-plus budget, she cut $10 million from veterans services from the general fund after the people passed Measure 96. Measure 96 was meant to give veterans a much-needed boost in services and she more or less slapped us in the face.

Additionally, her proposed budget cut of services to the people with developmental disabilities, closing two state psychiatric hospitals and cutting a program designed to help children with special medical needs is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable.

Tony Cabler


Biomass is not ‘carbon neutral’

In criticizing Alan Journet’s argument that woody biomass burning is not carbon neutral, Todd Hansen (guest opinion, Dec. 11) focuses on 30-megawatt Biomass One but misses Journet’s concern about the effort by PGE to retool the 600-megawatt power generator at Boardman from coal to biomass.

Portland General Electric estimates it will require 8,000 tons of torrefied biomass every day, which translates to over 3 million tons of green biomass annually given the reduction in mass due to torrefaction and a five-month operating plan. It is questionable if the Oregon forests will be able to sustain that biomass need only thru logging/mill residue and restorative thinning without resorting to whole trees.

There are also the concerns about the emissions from the 800 trucks per day needed to transport the biomass and that a biomass plant emits more CO2 than fossil fuels for the same megawatt–hour output of generation.

Biomass burning should be evaluated on its true carbon emissions and not be put on the same carbon emission playing field as wind and solar.

Ray Mallette


Where the money goes

I read that public employee unions, once again, are promoting a new corporate tax on sales. I wonder where the money will go?

Top 10 PERS recipients annual pensions (google: Oregon PERS beneficiaries):

Johnny Delashaw $663,354

Robert Bellotti $536,995

Neil Swanson $484,133

Frederick Keller $408,633

Roger Daily $397,583

Lesley Hallick $311,027

Steven Goldschmidt $279,492 (127 percent of salary)

Frank Anderson $262,500 (339 percent of salary)

William Korach $260,677 (175 percent of salary)

Peter Kohler $257,689

Really? These guys look like they won the lottery.

Barry Trowbridge


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19