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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29

Sane school safety policy

Allow school staff the option to carry concealed weapons under the following guidelines.

  • Volunteers would be required to attend and pass a safety and proficiency course conducted by state or county law enforcement instructors. This course will include the possible liabilities and consequences inherent with the carrying of and possible use of a firearm (emphasis toward school environment).
  • The weapon must be carried in a concealed manner not to be disclosed to other faculty members or students. The weapon must be carried on their person (not in a purse or bag or in any manner in which it may be inadvertently left unattended. Any violation will result in their privilege immediately being revoked.
  • Measures will be taken to ensure that school administrators are the only persons knowing who those persons are that have been qualified and volunteered to carry firearms. Changes in health (especially mental) would be cause for revocation of the privilege.

Should an event occur, the heroic teacher with the concealed handgun license will have disarmed himself prior the arrival of the police to discover an unarmed teacher among the students that will have been saved.

Dale Herrmann

Eagle Point

Beware fake news

This age of misinformation and fake news makes it difficult to discover what is really happening. For reality we have to seek credible informed sources. For information about climate trends, NASA and the World Meteorological Union are credible.

Contrary to claims that have been floating around the fake-news circuit to please science deniers, the global temperature has not been holding steady or declining. Indeed, since 2011, the global temperature has been climbing at an alarming rate, with the last two completed years each clocking in as the hottest on record until that time. This year is on track to break the 2015 record.

The recent trend has even eclipsed the apparent (though actually unreal) slowdown since the turn of the century such that we are globally back on the steep trajectory established since the 1970s.

Anyone doubting that this trend is alarming should explore how temperature and water availability determine the survival of our natural systems (forests, grasslands, etc.), our agriculture, and our forestry. Absent substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, by the end of the century these natural systems, along with our agriculture and forests, will likely be devastated.

Whether conservative or liberal, we shouldn’t risk it.

Alan Journet, co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


Civil dialogue

Bravo for Jason Atkinson’s effort to better our civic dialogue as Americans. The Mail Tribune shows great vision placing it front and center as we leave the warmth of family to re-engage. Yet were Jefferson alive it wouldn’t be our lack of civility that would trouble him so much as our escape from reason to a post-truth world.

He wrote, “In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance.”

Fake news, junk science and disinformation driven by powerful interests have undermined our ability to know what’s true anymore. Why? So our minds can be taken by force, not reason and persuasion.

So how do we know, in a post-truth world? Join us for a special post-inaugural edition of The Weekly Talk at the Medford Library at 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21. TheWeeklyTalk.com

Rob Schlapfer


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29