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Letters to the Editor, March 2

An artifact of the times

From the looks of the letters to the editor, there is campaign to intimidate or lobby the newspaper into becoming more conservative than it already is.

The claim that the paper is liberal is an unfortunate artifact of the times. The paper is what would until recently have been characterized as solidly mainstream Republican. That the paper, especially on Sundays, runs a wide range of views rather than only conservative views does not make it liberal; it makes it a newspaper.

Perhaps more to the point, running news stories and opinion pieces that point out that the president repeats demonstrably untrue statements is not a liberal bias. It is a bias toward truth. People on both sides of the aisle are concerned about his behavior. If the paper did not run the fact-checking stories, the paper could fairly be called biased.

Ian Templeton


How many are killed?

Accurate government data on the number of people murdered annually by illegal people is not available. I am not sure if this is due to government ineptitude, done intentionally to mask the severity of this problem, or both.

Recently, an Indianapolis, Indiana, a woman strongly suspected of residing in the country illegally has been accused of driving intoxicated and causing an automobile accident that claimed the life of Dave Kriehn, a former missionary.

If the federal government, states, counties and cities were truly keeping the rule of law, Elizabeth Vargas Hernandez would have been deported, and Dave Kriehn would be alive today. All the people that believe that deporting illegal people is heartless, what about the heartless thing that Elizabeth Vargas Hernandez did when she murdered Dave Kriehn. Her weapon of choice was her automobile, being controlled by her stupidity of driving drunk.

The sad situation about this story is the fact that the main-line liberal media will not report similar killings by illegals. It is up to we the people to tell everyone we know about these sad and preventable situations. If not, more innocent citizens will continued to be murdered.

Marty Koval

Eagle Point

Shame on Walden

Regarding the well-written article “Priced Out?”, it was enlightening to see how far big pharma has gone to pad CEO salaries.

The quote from Congressman Walden gave me pause. Congressman Walden, leading the charge to repeal the ACA and restrict Medicaid and Medicare coverage, states that his wife stopped purchasing EpiPen because the price increased 500 percent.

I am covered by the Federal Employees’ Health Benefits program, just as Congressman Walden is. I questioned this and contacted my Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield program. Yes, the price of the EpiPen two-pack has increased about 500 percent to $590 if you purchase it at retail without insurance. Under my insurance coverage going to a preferred pharmacy the copay is $169.02. If I use the mail-order pharmacy the cost for a two-pack is $80.

I don’t assert Congressman Walden carries this same coverage, but he certainly could under FEHB. Perhaps the Waldens cannot afford the $80 mail-in price. I am certain some of his constituents would like to purchase EpiPens at that price. Shame on Congressman Walden for leading his constituents to believe he was subject to the retail price.

James Schellentrager


Letters to the Editor, March 2