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Letters to the Editor, March 6

Two things

Thanks to E. Nicholson, I now have two things to like about the president: 1) Nicholson says 45 approves of net neutrality, and 2) he wants/says he wants to prohibit lobbying by former government officials. (I can't see this getting past Congress.)

Now, if only he would eliminate Daylight Saving Time, I'd have three things.

Catherine Heilman


The elephant in the room

Juliet Grable’s guest opinion on renewable energy (Feb. 26) makes several good points. But her focus is on electrical power generation and usage and overlooks the big elephant in the room when it comes to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

That’s the transportation industry which, in the near term, has few options for replacing refined oil products with renewable sources. A few electric vehicles, mostly for personal use, are on the roads, but think about wide-spread use of renewable energy in 18-wheelers, planes, ships, construction equipment, etc.

Bio-fuels and hydrogen fuel cells? Maybe, but not likely very soon. Ultimately, technology will provide alternatives, just as technology made it possible years ago to replace coal with oil products in our homes, factories, ships, and trains. We can’t totally legislate away the need for fossil fuels, but improved efficiency standards are worth pursuing in the short term.

Hopefully, renewable fuels will become available for widespread use in the transportation industry in the foreseeable future. Projects that will lead to that end need to be actively supported.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Illegal means illegal

What part of illegal don’t you understand?

Another feel-good political cartoon in the Feb. 26 issue of the Mail Tribune ranting about all the good illegal immigrants do, lower crime rates, and paying $83 million in state and local taxes. None of which has anything to do with the issue of people crossing our borders without proper permission being here illegally.

They broke the law when they crossed the border without proper documentation and approval in the form of a passport, visa and green card, etc. From that point on, everything they do inside of our country has been illegal.

If they have a Social Security number, it is fraudulent. If they pay any state or federal income taxes or have federal, state or local taxes, Social Security, or Medicare deductions from their paychecks these are illegal because they are from wages paid to a person who has no authorization to work in this country. By law, if you knowingly hire and facilitate an illegal immigrant working or staying in this country you are also breaking the law.

If these folks want to live and work in this country, let them apply like everyone else and wait their turn.

C. Boyer

Eagle Point

Astounding hypocrisy

Congress spent millions (the exact amount is in dispute) to investigate Hillary Clinton’s role regarding American deaths in Benghazi. Now there is a strong movement in Congress to sweep Russia’s meddling in our election process under the carpet. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Jeanne Schraub

Rogue River

Garbage trucks

I was thinking that it would be more economical for the garbage company to have their trucks go down a street only once by having everyone put all their garbage cans on one side of the street for pickup.

Is there a reason for the way they have set up the routes? Cutting their trips in half would save them money and lower our bills. Sounds good to me!

Sharon Fagone


Letters to the Editor, March 6