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Letters to the Editor, March 11

Democratic hate speech

In response to the outlandish tirades against Trump — “demagogue," "racist," "spewing hatred," "fascist ideology," etc. — many Democrats/progressives much better fit that profile, such as:

  • Tim Kaine, Democratic vice presidential nominee, said, “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” thus encouraging violent protests.
  • Charles Schumer, Senate minority leader, publicly vowed to “do everything in my power” to stop Trump.
  • Rep. Keith Ellison, a radical Muslim with ties to three terrorist organizations, is now deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Just the tip of the iceberg. The point: The loudest, most vicious hate speech is from the left/progressive “Democrats.” When are moderate Democrats going to take back their party? Democrats lost 1,042 state and federal posts, including congressional and state legislative seats and governorships, while Obama was president. Trump won approximately 2,600 U.S. counties (84 percent of U.S. geography) to Clinton’s 500. So much for the so-called popular vote. The only places she won were large urban cities with high concentrations of liberal universities, government bureaucracies and young idealists brainwashed by said liberal universities (now staging violent protests). Please tone it down and at least consider bipartisanship.

M. Isaak


Embrace diversity

Since President Trump claims to be a Christian and seems more willing to allow Christians to immigrate before those of certain other faiths, he should consider a basic tenet of Christianity.

The Bible says to treat your neighbor as yourself. Jesus embraced all peoples, especially the poor and the outcast. America is great now because we are all connected directly or indirectly to immigrants. Stopping immigration from certain countries and or certain “other” faiths is just another way of trying to build a wall around our country. He might review the history of the Berlin Wall and see how well that worked.

He says he is fulfilling a campaign promise. What if his second, poorly-thought-out approach to “refine” immigration controls does little to make us “safer”, but simply deprives the U.S. of the caring, talented and hardworking newcomers who would continue to make us great in the future?

Eric Dittmer


We should be so smart

April 15 is looming, but before you write that check to the IRS, consider this. In 2004 Donald Trump bought a Florida mansion for $40 million. In 2008 he sold that mansion for $100 million to a Russian billionaire with ties to Deutsche Bank and Bank of Cyprus, netting Trump $60 million.

Trump currently owes around $300 million to Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank just paid billions of dollars in fines for money laundering and other illegal activities in Russia and the United States. Trump claims he never met the Russian billionaire. Wilbur Ross, a vice chairman of Bank of Cyprus, facilitated this $100 million sale. Trump just appointed Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce. Ross then resigned from Bank of Cyprus.

Trump admitted he hasn’t paid taxes for 20 years. He said this makes him "smart." Sounds to me like that makes him a tax evader.

Trump supporters probably don’t care about any of this. To them he can do no wrong. But at the very least they should mind that they are the ones paying taxes for a man who pocketed a cool $60 million in one transaction and didn’t pay a dime. Maybe we should all get that “smart.”

Ken Hawes

Eagle Point

Money is the only measure

Today there is only one unit of measure, money.

The only things humans cherish must have economic value. There is no value in humanity, ecology, or art. Honesty, chivalry, decency and kindness all cost money, not make it. If it lacks monetary value it is beyond worthless, it is untrue and no longer exists.

Most people are willing to destroy the environment and enslave people to construct things that bring monetary reward to others, not even to themselves.

There's no denying that rich people are using our taxes to get even richer. The tragedy is that many people support this. They believe the rich know what's best. Americans won't sacrifice to change this.

A revolution of the human mind is what is needed, least every human become a slave to the single measure of worth, money.

Tom Espinosa


MT is biased

There is no question that the Mail Tribune is biased toward the left. Read the editorial “Our View: Trump must not be president” (Nov. 1, 2016). The MT editorial board is pleading that we not vote for Trump but makes no mention of Clinton’s history of lies and transgressions.

In my view one has to be biased to believe that the MT is unbiased, fair and balanced. Despite the overwhelmingly left-leaning editorials and cartoons, we the people voted for President Donald Trump. Jackson County voted for Trump 49.3 percent to Clinton’s 40.7 percent. The MT needs to realize that not all of their readers are buying their left leaning editorials.

I know you do try to be fair at times but George Will is an anti-Trump conservative. Charles Krauthammer, he’s good but only one editorial a week. You can do better by addressing all your readers.

Larry Schmaltz

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, March 11