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Letters to the Editor, March 23

Remembering Mari

In the wake of the passing of Mari Gayatri Stein-McWilliams, I feel compelled to share about her and how much she meant to so many people in the Rogue Valley and beyond.

Mari was a champion of spiritual growth and wholeness. As a yoga and meditation teacher for more than 35 years, she transformed us with her unique blend of “Mindful yoga.” She was one of the first yoga teachers in the Rogue Valley, spawning a thriving yoga and meditation community. Mari was a devoted mentor for women in recovery, teaching them to restore the spiritual disturbances that go hand in hand with addiction. In addition to her local teachings, she authored 11 books, illustrated countless more and created a line of beautifully illustrated, heartfelt greeting cards.

This valley has lost one of its greatest treasures. Through Mari’s works and her many students, her wisdom and guidance will surely continue to bring light, awareness and awakening to those who are open to receive. Mari left this world the same way she lived in it, with self-compassion, dignity and grace. Namaste, dear Mari. We know what we’ve lost.

To learn more about Mari Gayatri, visit http://mariswebsite.com.

Laura Winslow

Central Point

Currency will collapse

About a month ago, I read a book by James Rickards, "The Death of Money."

The author pointed out that most of the nations of the world have printed too much money without backing it up by anything. We have done the same thing and will have to pay the piper for doing so.

We recently watched the Tucker Carlson program on Fox News and he had a guest speaker who also gave a sad commentary on our dollar. He stated that our money will collapse in the near future. Michael Snyder, another well known financial commentator concurs with the above men.

No one mentions a date, but they think the collapse is imminent. We do know for certain that the elites want a world government (globalism) and it is believed it will happen when the dollar crashes. I'd have some extra food on hand until the new currency is available.

Gordon DeVos


War on wildlife

The topic of cyanide M-44 and USDA Wildlife Services deserves greater public awareness.

In addition to the killing of wolf OR48 in Eastern Oregon, a child and his dog in Bannock county, Idaho, were recently poisoned (the dog killed) by Wildlife Services/M-44.

The only factor that spared the boy’s life was wind direction.

M-44 is utilized by publicly funded Wildlife Services (formerly known as “Animal Damage Control”) to serve private business interests, often on public lands. Taxpayer money funds the use of M-44; the public has the right to know specifically what landowners use M-44.

Surely, if I had poisoned a child and killed a family pet, or killed a wolf in Oregon, I would face repercussions; we should expect nothing less, if not more, from our government agencies and the private businesses killing our wildlife. So, what will the consequence be for Wildlife Services and/or landowners?

Without consequences, there are no changes — "oopsy-poopsy" and temporarily removing some devices doesn't cut it. With numerous agency cuts to minimize wasteful spending, it’s time to take the axe to USDA’s Wildlife Services.

KS Wild (541-488-5789) will be showing “Exposed: USDA's Secret War on Wildlife" from 6-7 p.m. Wednesday, March 22.

Kim Pearson


Letters to the Editor, March 23