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Letters to the Editor, March 24

We have made progress

As “Columnist for a Day,” Marti Hawes (March 19) relates an experience of prejudice that took place many years ago. This event clearly affected the columnist deeply, and it remains a vivid memory on the order of 50 years later. She describes how an older white man reacted hatefully when he mistook her (a white woman) as the mother of a black child.

Although I agree that the column describes an event that is all too typical of attitudes five decades ago, I take issue with the overall idea that “Some things haven’t changed that much.” If we’re going to be honest, we must acknowledge the dramatic changes that have, indeed, occurred in the intervening years. There are abundant examples to support this, from social legislation to the increased diversity of the workplace.

Is it possible that some of us don’t want to admit how much progress we have made, because we would then have to relinquish our mantle of moral superiority? The truth is that we live in a tolerant society, and those millions of us who are, indeed, tolerant are not special at all, but typical of the country we live in.

Greg Jeffries


Community Concert was stellar

On Friday, March 17, we attended a performance brought to the Rogue Valley by the Jackson County Community Concert Association. The performance was spectacular.

It was one of a series of excellent performances produced by Lee Green and the JCCCA. Friday’s was just over-the-top good. Young and old in the audience cheered throughout the evening.

Rogue Valley residents are missing out if they don’t take advantage of the reasonable prices, the fine venue and the great performers sponsored by the JCCCA.

Jerry Kenefick and Cindy Barnard


The opposite of a disaster

Planned Parenthood receives huge amounts of money each year from tax sources, not for abortions but for contraception and many other services. But its own annual reports reveal that as federal funding has increased, the number of abortions they perform has gone up, not down. The only conclusion I can reach is that somehow, the tax funding they get for non-abortion services frees up other money for their abortion activities.

Guest opinion writers Lisa Gardner and Sky Loos speak of families relying on Planned Parenthood for services. Pregnant women who go into PP for services don’t end up with families. PP’s 2013 Annual Report reports that 94 percent of pregnant women seeking PP services got abortions. Of every 100 pregnant women who entered a Planned Parenthood facility, 94 left with no child. That is the disaster.

The only unique service offered at any Planned Parenthood facility is abortion. PP says their clinics are in “under-served” areas, but they’re referring to abortion availability. This is easily verified by googling “community health care clinics” and counting them on the map. These many clinics provide no abortions.

Defunding Planned Parenthood would be the opposite of a disaster.

Don Haverkamp

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, March 24