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Letters to the Editor, March 26

Bail system unfair

The Constitution’s Eighth Amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

The purpose for bail is to ensure the accused shows up for trial. Bail is supposed to be returned when the accused shows up for trial. This is not true in Oregon.

Posting bail for the accused is actually giving the bail to the accused. The bail pays for the accused court costs, fines, and other assessments they may determine lawful, even money owed to the court in prior cases of the accused. If the accused does not show up for trial, the court keeps the entire bail. Sometimes the entire bail is forfeited even if the accused shows up for trial.

Personally, I believe Oregon’s bail system to be cruel and unusual punishment for the person posting the bail. I also believe bail to be a windfall profit for the court system.

According to law, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. In Oregon, I do not believe this true. From my observations, the accused is guilty until the accused proves his/her innocence.

It is time the bail laws/rules be changed in Oregon’s judicial system.

Randall Hale


Health care system is sick

How long is it going to take before average folk figure out that our government is too sick, too sold out to the insurance companies and the drugging industry to create a healthy health care system?

Now we have legislators thrashing about more concerned about their re-electability than creating a healthy health care system. The whole mess is being dictated from above by legislators, the insurance and drugging industry while ignoring and disparaging input from actual health care providers.

On the one hand you have compromised government promoting toxins such as diet aspartame colas, contaminated vaccines, Roundup, microwave electric meters for every building in Oregon, etc., and on the other pretending to offer genuine health care. It is a fraud. Government-sanctioned racketeering.

They promote high-cost crisis medicine while suppressing preventative and "alternative" health care costing pennies on the thousands of dollars. Wake up! Our war-mongering $20-trillion-in-debt government is far too sick to create a healthy anything. It is crucial in this time of rampant government malfeasance that you take charge of your own health and not look to compromised bureaucrats for health.

Tom Clunie, D.C.


Support an investigation

The issue of securing our elections has nothing to do with party politics. Think for a moment the number of men and women who have sacrificed so much — many, many thousands with their lives — to preserve this sacred privilege of free and open elections. Any politician who fails to support an independent investigation in the matter of Russia's interference in our last election has no right to serve as an elected official.

I'm asking everyone to support an independent, impartial investigation, and anything short of that is simply unpatriotic and unacceptable. Politicians must not assume that their tenure in office is secure. Pay heed to Les Schwab's trademark: Doing the right thing matters.

Write or call your representatives and tell them not dishonor our wounded and fallen. Those who have not fought for their country have no idea the ease with which they accept their freedoms. Do not take your freedom for granted.

Rick Sharp


Letters to the Editor, March 26