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Letters to the Editor, March 27

Unpacking the argument

In his guest opinion, "Defunding Planned Parenthood," Bryan Platt makes a very clear and unequivocal statement: "Abortion is the killing of a human being."

Let's unpack what that entails. If this is true, then not only is abortion murder, but it is premeditated murder, the very worst kind.

Apparently Platt wants to put abortion doctors and their patients on death row. Ether that, or he is OK with murderers walking around free.

There is no other possibility. Mr. Platt should go ahead and advocate for putting women that have had abortions on death row. Oh, and every miscarriage must be investigated by a prosecutor as a possible murder.

Or recognize that his statement is false.

Steve Soar


Abortion is not health care

It’s not about health. It’s not about care. There’s nothing healthy or caring about ripping apart an unborn baby.

Even ignoring the intentional killing of the baby, “abortion is health care” suggests that pregnancy is a pathology or defect. Because women’s bodies are naturally designed for pregnancy, such claims declare women naturally defective, needing corrective surgery. Therefore, “abortion is health care” really means “women are defective.”

Any organization that kills unborn babies is not a health care provider because the human rights atrocity of abortion eclipses everything it does. A slave-trading ship is still a slaver even if also carrying silks. Grotesque evil trumps any imagined good.

Therefore, we should stop all state (Oregon gives over $3 million/year) and federal funds flowing to Planned Parenthood. Every penny to PP for any purpose helps keep air-conditioning running, rent paid and doors open. So, every penny helps kill babies.

Notwithstanding the prospect of losing federal funding, PP refuses to stop killing babies and instead threatens the loss of other services. Like a slaver demanding slave routes stay open by intimating the loss of silk, PP holds other services hostage. Planned Parenthood cares more about killing babies than providing real health care.

Drew Hymer


Bingo players needed

The Medford Senior Center needs help. Since the longtime director left, things have been going downhill at a rapid pace. We urgently need some dedicated bingo players to help keep the center going financially.

The center is open to everyone over 18. The thrift store offers an assorted line of lightly used clothing, books and many other interesting items. There is also a computer for use by the public.

If you are interested in lunch, call the center for more information, 541-772-2273.

Bingo is one off the center's better money-makers, and you get a chance to socialize with other people. Remember, too, playing bingo helps keep your mind active and keeps you away from that dreaded thing called "Alzheimer's"! Come on out and give it a shot, you will enjoy it. Nothing is more fun than yelling "BINGO."

There are other games besides regular bingo that offer larger pots. The more participants, the bigger the pots.

The center has been a Medford fixture for a long time and it would be a shame for it to disappear.

Ruth G. Davis


Recall and replace Walden

Rather than repeal and replace Obamacare, why not recall and replace Greg Walden?

If Oregon begins a recall process in response to Trumpcare, maybe we'd see a lot of states doing their own recall and replace activity. Maybe it's time a lot of this "crowd" needs replacing.

Linda Ward


Letters to the Editor, March 27