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Letters to the Editor, May 4

D9 board changes needed

Witnessing recent Eagle Point School Board meetings, iPad concerns of frustrated parents and community members were met with empty words and little action.

Parents and one student expressing concerns had I-Pads confiscated.

Websites promoting terrorism, shooting police, nudity, pedophile accessibility, etc., continue in homes and school. Also, a new board policy IIBGA amendment allows administration to discontinue attempts to filter all pornography, etc., by saying they tried.

Other districts with 90 percent-plus graduation rates are using Chromebooks/iPads on a limited classroom basis. Contrary to Mrs. Mihocko’s Voters Pamphlet statement about graduation rates, D9 is at the bottom (64.79 percent) in Southern Oregon (Jan. 26 Mail Tribune).

D9 moves students from Eagle Point High School to Crater Lake Charter or URCEO or other alternative programs. They only publicize EPHS graduation numbers instead of the 64.79 percent (honest truth total graduation numbers) from Oregon Department Education.

For the students, Vote Emily McIntire.

J. Mannenbach

Eagle Point

Replace OnTrack board

At the 12th Street 8-plex, "deplorable conditions" started years before, when the complex experienced severe plumbing issues. New roofs and putting "lipstick on a pig" are only small steps that need to be taken.

Bigger issues must also be addressed. Deplorable conditions permeate OnTrack itself, thanks to 39 years of mismanagement. OnTrack needs to replace any and all board members and upper management closely associated with the prior 39-year administrator, the one that was recently deposed. Concerning the apartment complexes, professional property management should be considered.

Eighty-year-old complexes filled with families in crisis are a tall order, and simply throwing money at the structure will not solve the problem. OnTrack itself needs a thorough cleansing. A new, active board needs to give credibility back to this agency after 39 years of mismanagement.

Jim Work

Central Point

A noisy bunch

They are such a noisy bunch, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, Indivisible and others in the Resist movement with their people's march and other such nonsense and propaganda.

Face it: They lost the 2016 election. Their progressive agenda was defeated nationwide, resulting in center-right government of the executive and legislative branches at the federal level and in many states.

In my opinion, they are trying to overturn the results of that election and turn back the tide of history. In the process, they marginalize themselves and risk becoming boring and hysterical sore losers. "He's not my president" just won't get them very far, at least not for the next eight years, I hope.

The 2016 election was a cry for help from the American people. A cry to free us from the poison of political correctness and the poison of progressivism. A plea to unleash the power of capitalism to build, to create and to restore the role of the citizen free of the administrative state.

America chose wisely. President Trump is a man of greatness equal to the task of making America great again. This may be our last chance.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

Live peacefully

Humans? Bah, humbug. The worst species ever to inhabit the earth. We despoil everything. There is not a single problem on this planet that would not be relieved if humans were to disappear.

Well, we are not going away, so what to do? One solution is to imitate the other species.

Live peacefully.

That means stop building weapons of mass destruction and get rid of the ones we have. That's it. Without weapons, we cannot war with each other, period.

Jack Eagleson


Letters to the Editor, May 4