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Letters to the Editor, May 12

Two critical issues

I am writing to express my extreme concern (and disagreement) with the Trump administration’s effort to weaken environmental protections.

As a fiscal conservative, it is appalling that President Trump is attempting to undo our country's precious national monuments that include indigenous irreplaceable cultural artifacts. Monuments and parks generate vastly greater revenue to local and state municipalities from ecotourism than do oil and gas drilling, mining, cattle grazing and logging.

The Trump border wall would exhaust vast taxpayer resources to do little to reduce illegal immigration, while loudly extolling our country’s racist intentions worldwide. Ironically, numerous wildlife species already suffering from development (such as jaguars, big cats and black bears) will suffer from habitat isolation and decline toward extinction. Utilizing “guest worker” programs allows non-citizens to respectfully participate in the economy while paying taxes, helping to grow our food, mow our lawns and build our homes. High-tech border security tools are significantly more effective in preventing illegal immigration while saving taxpayers billions in wasteful.

​Let’s think clearly before we allow irretrievable and poorly thought our actions (such as border walls and undoing national monuments) to undo decades of hard work and centuries of species evolution.

Spencer Lennard


Vote for Herndon

Please vote Jim Herndon for RVTD Board. Herndon is a Vietnam War disabled veteran. An important mode of transportation for the disabled in our community, including veterans, is RVTD. Herndon understands the transportation needs that veterans and the disabled have and will bring that knowledge to the RVTD Board.

Herndon wants to be involved in our community. He ran for the Medford City Council last fall and lost. He learned much about the city and resident needs during the campaign. He applied for the MURA Budget Committee and was elected by the Medford City Council to the  committee.

A local veterans group is raising funds to build at US Cellular Community Park an 80 percent replica of the Vietnam War Memorial located in Washington, D.C. Herndon is directly involved in the fundraising.

As a bonus, Herndon has a community college criminal justice degree and worked many years in law enforcement.

Dick Gordon


More than 1,300 marched

On Sunday, April 29, activists gathered in Medford to rally for environmental and social justice. As the Sunday Tribune (April 30) briefly indicated, the event was organized in response to the disastrous first 100 days of the Trump administration. However, contrary to the attendance given, our march counters indicate well over 1,300 attended.

Several Southern Oregon groups came together in solidarity, expressing support for environmental and social justice. It is ironic that nationwide press coverage of the ‘Peoples Climate March’ 2017 that drew 150,000 protesters to Washington D.C. alone was overshadowed by disastrous extreme weather events across the Midwest and beyond. The increasingly common extreme floods and tornadoes are examples of the carnage caused by climate change that we are seeing.

Meanwhile, Trump’s White House has consistently promoted alternative facts (aka lies) to describe events and justify its litany of anti-environment and anti-social policy proposals. Yet perhaps the most disturbing action of this administration has been its constant policy of denying and suppressing science, attacking dissenters and undermining the social fabric of our country, social gains that have taken decades to build.

We organize to take our country back from these corporate demagogues. We resist; we build; we rise!

Douglas Peterson


Letters to the Editor, May 12