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Election Letters, May 13

Re-elect Mihocko in District 9

Gov. Kate Brown’s April visit to Eagle Point High School showcased their successful CTE/STEM programs and praised their initiative to keep kids in school. A 251-student 85 percent on-time graduation rate (Oregon Department of Education 2016), indicates success.

Dianne Mihocko has been a part of these efforts. A former educator, she is currently enrolled in OSBA advanced training leadership courses. In retirement, with husband Dennis, Dianne has contributed more fundraising for our community needs than most people achieve in lifetimes.

Opponent Emily McIntire, a well-meaning parent, has assumed personal attacks demonstrate leadership and solutions. Everyone is concerned about filtering children’s online consumption. Parental responsibility requires them to teach children a moral code and limit device use. D9 meets CIPA regulations and strives to exceed. Fear and censorship do not promote progress. D9 needs leadership and wisdom.

Cathleen Callahan

Eagle Point

Supporting Hart Wilson

Hart Wilson is a candidate for the Jackson County Library District Board, Position 2. I’ve known Hart for 50 years, first as a 4-H Club member and later as a colleague at Southern Oregon University.

Hart is a loyal, generous and honest friend, and a bright, innovative, perceptive and collaborative professional. As friend or colleague, she is an excellent listener. It’s a pleasure to watch her lead people of different — often dissenting — opinions to collaborative solutions. Hart doesn’t need to need to be right and she doesn’t need to be the loudest person in the room. She is a great example of leadership through service.

Our Library Board needs people who work together for all the libraries of Jackson County. Hart lives in the rural, northern corner of Jackson County, and works in the urban, southern corner. Hart will represent all of us.

Meredith Reynolds


Vote for Moore in District 6

Bret Moore has been an outstanding school board member representing our community with integrity and professionalism for the past eight years.

Bret’s a great listener, and he’s quiet, thoughtful and fair-minded when considering decisions that affect the students and staff of district 6. His leadership style is confident and respectful. Bret is in touch with our community and continues to work toward a common goal, making sure each student has the opportunity to an excellent education.

Please join me and vote to reelect Bret Moore, School District 6 Board of Directors.

Robin Adams, retired secretary to the superintendent and school board

Central Point

Mihocko for School Board

During my time as Mayor of Eagle Point, I have served with many dedicated volunteers, including Dianne Mihocko. I have seen Dianne step forward to serve on our School Board, the city's Planning Commission, Women's Club, St. Vincent de Paul and other organizations.

I am very impressed with the work Dianne Mihocko has done supporting schools. There is no denying the data:

  • Eagle Point schools offer the most instructional days in Southern Oregon.
  • Eagle Point High School's graduation rate is 84.86 percent,one of the top graduation rates in Southern Oregon.
  • Eagle Point schools have the highest attendance rates in Southern Oregon, which was recognized by Oregon's governor.

Dianne Mihocko should be congratulated for supporting common-sense leadership in our schools. Please join me in voting for Dianne Mihocko for Eagle Point School Board.

Bob Russell, mayor

Eagle Point

Vote for McMahan

Norma McMahan worked with our children when they attended Blossom Hills Preschool. She had a strong relationship with the students; we know that our children loved her dearly. She had a big heart for kids and it was obvious that she had their best interests at heart.

For these reasons, we couldn’t think of a better person we would like to see on the Medford School Board. Please join us in voting Norma McMahan for Medford School District director, Position 2.

Jim and Julie Scull

Elect Mihocko

Regarding the School District 9 Position 5 election: Dianne Mihocko, an educated, retired teaching professional, has dedicated her life to community schools. Of the two candidates, this alone sets her apart and makes her the only qualified nominee.

Where others see threats in the internet and new technologies, Dianne correctly sees them as part of our children’s real world. She continues to advocate for these education-forward tools, knowing that Eagle Point students will need them. Further, she knows that educators need responsible parents as partners in their use.

Unlike others, her advocacy goes beyond one issue. Without question she grasps the challenges facing today’s teachers and communities; she tackles them with a full heart. For the future of our kids, Eagle Point and our country, choose the candidate who has accomplished much with the board and will continue to push us forward — Dianne Mihocko.

Tom Eaton

Eagle Point

Asking for your vote

My name is Donald Stone and I am the incumbent running for Position 1 of the Board of Directors of the Rogue Valley Transportation District.

The district has experienced marvelous growth. Service has been expanded to all Medford high schools and to the Table Rock campus of Rogue Community College. Better service has been expanded to Southern Oregon University. I have had the opportunity to go to Salem and discuss the progress of the district with our legislators.

My concerns include expanding and maintaining our service so those who strive for better jobs have access to vocational training, that people can get to jobs previously unavailable to them, that health care is available to those who do not drive and the livability of our communities is enhanced.

My tenure to date has been very rewarding and I look forward to another term. I am respectfully asking for your vote.

Donald Stone


Election Letters, May 13