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Letters to the Editor, May 14

A poison pill

A person close to me got much-needed surgery which might not have happened without Obamacare. The larger picture is what the ACA did to the country and most of the people.

Most people wanted the "preexisting condition" provision, not knowing it was a poison pill that would disrupt any hope of economical widespread insurance.

It is vital that people with chronic conditions should get help. Forcing insurers to be a charity, not a business, is not the way. For a healthy person wanting insurance, there was no rational purchase possible. Insurers could not offer a rational affordable policy that people wanted. For unhealthy people, ACA was much more costly than rational, public-sponsored charities.

Before, we had private charities along with public, and though we had many uninsured people, the number without health care was much lower.

We were never allowed to see actual costs and benefits of ACA. There was never an unbiased source of information.

Ira Edwards


Election is over

During the fall of 2015 I had a conversation with a Trump hater. I preferred Ben Carson at that time. The Trump hater asked why anyone would vote for Trump. I told the Trump hater that  Trump comes across as a leader and that the United States needs a real leader and he was perceived as a real upfront leader by many.

Watching the debates, I noticed that on occasion Trump demonstrated that he was a good listener. He would turn his head and watch a candidate who was bringing a new idea into the discussion and at times Trump would jot a note.

During his run for the White House, Trump demonstrated that he was a workaholic. On a daily basis he would fly to several political events and stayed current with world events. Trump is a very intelligent person. He can walk and tweet at the same time.

Trump is pragmatic. If something doesn’t bear fruit, he will try something else. Also, he will walk away from a bad deal. He will not waste his time.

A pragmatic, workaholic leader defeated the biased press to become President Trump. The election is over!

Bill Hartley


Who will care?

Our very own Greg Walden voted with House Republicans to pass the abominable TrumpWaldenCare health bill. There were no public hearings on this version, no final text or updated CBO score, but we didn’t need any of those to already know the bill was opposed by virtually all patient advocacy groups and the health care industry as a whole, for good reason.

TrumpWaldenCare raises premiums drastically for older people, eliminates Medicaid for the very poorest, guts protection for those with preexisting conditions, removes at least 24 million people from coverage (some estimates are higher still), and allows states to waive essential benefits. Are these essential benefits important? Apparently so, because Republicans made sure Congress gets to keep them. And along with that (what a surprise!), the bill directly benefits the wealthy, slashing their taxes by about a trillion dollars over 10 years.

So who will care about what happens to you and your family if your elected representatives don't? Too long in D.C., GOP Greg Walden needs to be replaced by someone who'll put the constituents of Oregon District 2 first.

Vicki Fox


Thanks for Our Valley

The Our Valley publication a week ago was outstanding! Full of very interesting articles and photos of people and places I know.

It was especially of interest as I loved the Butte Creek Mill and had just heard Bob Russell speak at the Antiques Club.

I know Guillermo Sanchez as I’ve eaten at Memo’s Kitchen and was at his house groundbreaking and home dedication services through my involvement with Habitat.

I met Donna and Ron Bergquist on a tour of the lodge through my involvement with the Visitors Center and having her as a speaker at my PEO group.

Marshall Holman is a co-owner of my tax preparer business.

Nunan House I’ve had a tour of, also through the Visitors Center.

Dead Indian Memorial Road is of course a favorite access road from the mountain lakes to Ashland.

Thank you for the excellent publication.

Lois Nobles-Butler


Jordan Cove question

If a comparatively few already well-off investors did not stand to become even wealthier, would there even be a Jordan Cove Project?

David Sours


Evil stepdad has arrived

I am a lost kid. At 58 years old, I have been abandoned.

For the past eight years, I have had someone I counted on like a father. I counted on him to keep me and my family safe and healthy. Even with my preexisting condition, malignant melanoma, I have been able to get the doctors' care needed to survive.

I have also been able to sleep at night knowing I would not wake in the morning to the threat of war on our nation.

That has all changed with the "new dad" in the house. Now, I feel fear. Fear of not being able to afford my doctor. Fear of the threat of nuclear war. When I hear my "new dad" talking or tweeting in a mentally unstable way, I feel unstable. I feel scared, like a kid would feel.

Sadly, the one thing that has helped me is I know I am not alone. You see, I am not the only one on the block, with a new stranger in the house. We are all in the same house with him.

Kathleen Bryan


A proud day

Saturday, April 29 was a proud day for Medford as over 1,300 marchers joined hundreds of thousands who participated in the People's Climate March across the country. When the Southern Oregon Climate Coalition decided to organize a sister event to coincide with, and in solidarity with, the national and international People’s March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, we decided that Medford would be the perfect venue.

We are delighted to report that Medford came through. Medford city staff were uniformly professional and cooperative in their collaboration as we reserved space and organized the route for the march. We felt from the very beginning that they were supportive and wanted us to succeed.

As the representatives of the organizing team responsible for obtaining permits and city cooperation, we would like to thank staff from the city manager’s office, Public Works, Engineering and Traffic, Parks and Recreation, and Medford Police for their unswerving assistance.

Kudos to Medford. We urge future event organizers to consider Medford as an event-friendly city.

Kathy Conway


Christine Haynie


GOP 'repair' has failed

Greg Walden has kept one promise (to repeal the ACA) and comprehensively broken another (to insure people with preexisting conditions).

The "repair" in the new Republican plan (high-risk pools) has failed every place it has been tried, with long waiting lists and excessive premiums. Single-payer, however, is in successful use all over the developed world.

Why do we still have health insurance companies?

Steve Soar


Letters to the Editor, May 14