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Letters to the Editor, May 16

Restrict outdoor grows

The front-page article "Medford backyard pot ban in effect," May 2, states that a local odor ordinance banning outdoor marijuana gardens is in full force for the summer growing season because of the smell. We wish it would be a countywide ordinance as well.

We live off exit 19 in Ashland and we have many marijuana grows in our two-mile radius. During the month-long harvest in 80- to 90-degree weather, the skunky smell travels far over pastures with our common day and night breeze, going far beyond the backyard of a close neighbor. Greenhouse tents do not keep the smell enclosed either.

Neighbors and ourselves are concerned about the effect on our property values and also are concerned at the thought of selling our property to a marijuana grower as has happened to one neighbor. These grows have scarred the beauty of our Southern Oregon landscape. These fenced in areas look like ugly play-pens in the middle of a pasture. Shouldn't we have the right to be given written notice of what's invading our neighborhood space and can harvest be required to be done in a shorter one- to two-day span ?

Debbie Dauenhauer


EPA under threat

Our air and water are clean because rules protecting them are imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as mandated by Congress. Now our GOP Congress and the White House want to curtail EPA research and other critical areas. If this is allowed, our air and water will return to the toxic conditions that were exhibited when Republican President Richard Nixon initially signed into law the Clean Air (1970) and Clean Water (1972) Acts.

Suppressing climate science will have a slower, indirect impact on our water and air quality while critical areas such as reporting will have an immediate, direct impact. As stewards, we have an inherent responsibility to care for our land so that future stewards, our children, have land to tend. How will we, the stewards, know that we are tending our land if we do not have the knowledge to protect and care for it?

Is the fulfillment of a presidential promise so driven that it endangers the life of our land and us? Are we going to permit the weakening of an EPA that has protected us and our land for nearly a half century? I hope not.

M. Trocker


Heaton will be missed

I'd like to give a tip of the hat to recently retired meteorologist Jeff Heaton. Thanks, Jeff, for your 30 years of work on channel 5. We'll miss your wry sense of humor and passion for the weather.You taught me to appreciate the many microclimates of the State of Jefferson. You will be missed.

Pete Toogood


Walden should be ashamed

Greg Walden has just helped orchestrate the passage of a truly ugly, mean-spirited piece of legislation.

If the AHCA, or Trumpcare, becomes law, millions of Americans will lose their health insurance and Southern Oregon's economy will lose millions of dollars.

Insurance companies will be allowed to return to their former practices of fleecing sick people and failing to cover the most basic health needs, like maternity care. And for what? A tax cut for wealthy investors and a few moments of gratification for Trump and his collaborators in Congress.

Walden should be ashamed. I hope it was worth it.

Eric Taylor


Letters to the Editor, May 16