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Letters to the editor, May 22

Greenway is unsafe

I like to cycle all over Medford and, for that matter, the valley, from Medford to Central Point to Ashland, which often means I use the Bear Creek Greenway.

Unfortunately though, the Greenway is not what it once used to be. The Greenway often has people using it as a place to mingle — typically right on the path, which is dangerous not only for them but for us cyclists, because if someone else is coming the other direction, we have to scramble to get around these people!

I also see a lot of damaged fencing, graffiti, trash and, lately, violent people. I got assaulted on the Greenway on Thursday, May 11 by a homeless person. He jumped into my lane, then as I approached, he jumped back and punched me in the process. I then watched him verbally harass others before he took off on his merry way.

I sure hope this isn’t how summer is going to go on the Greenway and I hope soon, the city of Medford can better take care and patrol its portion of the Greenway. My safety depends on it.

Steve Ryan


An expanding cesspool

Trump pledged that he'd "drain the swamp" during the election campaign, when in fact President Trump has created an ever-expanding cesspool!

Yale Sacks

Central Point

Not your father's Democrats

Americans are sick of the Democrats throwing a baby fit every day since the election. They spit out words like Hitler and racist when someone disagrees with them. The sky is falling and a Russian behind every tree is their speech of the day. They won't believe they lost the election, so every time President Trump makes a move, their hair catches on fire. This once great party is now falling off the cliff.

I'm a registered independant voter who was once a life-long Democrat, as were my parents and grandparents. They would be shocked to know their beloved Democratic Party believes the important things in life are abortion, same-sex marriage, unisex bathrooms, sanctuary cities, etc. They would also be shocked to know that not only does the party not stand by them anymore, but believes they are unwashed, uneducated deplorables. So this is not your father's Democratic Party. Such a shame.

Marilyn Hermant


Libraries vs. wars

The Douglas County Library system will close on June 1. The city of Roseburg and the county are not alone in facing devastating cuts to essential services, as similar ones have affected 25 states across the nation.

This closure is another reminder that we live in disturbing times: We have trillions of dollars for endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other nations, but no money for libraries in Douglas County.

Huge funds have been taken from that county to pay for war. A 2013 study estimates that the eventual figure for the Afghan and Iraq conflicts may reach $6 trillion. This includes current costs, interest on the national debt, and medical care, disability compensation and Social Security for wounded veterans. That comes to $18,461 per person in the nation. Douglas County’s share (108,000 people), will be $2 billion — enough financial resources to keep essential services going for decades. The total cost for Jackson County (pop. 213,000) is $3.95 billion; we are also not immune to crushing cuts in vital public services.

Will we ever decide that keeping libraries open is far more important than unconstitutional and unjust wars that bankrupt the nation financially and morally?

John Marciano


Letters to the editor, May 22