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Letters to the Editor, May 24

Disruption serves no purpose

I consider myself a Democratic, left-leaning, progressive, liberal, common-sense American. I am very distressed and fearful at this horrific turn of events. Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares) did it occur to me that Donald Trump might actually become president.

I, too, want to strike out, display my anger at the unfeeling and unthinking masses that elected him. I considered joining a local protest group like Indivisible. Now I am glad I waited.

I am deeply concerned about the way these groups conduct themselves at town hall meetings, rallies and the like. They are no better than the tea party that we deplored in 2009. Disrupting and obstructing serve no useful purpose to further the cause of returning America to sanity.

Let's get smart. Let's work at recruiting and developing new blood in the Democratic Party to represent us in 2018 and beyond and rallying behind them. Hillary and Bernie both had their detractors, so let's start fresh with a new face to lead our cause into the future. We are wasting time and burning daylight.

​Barbara Donneaud


Foxes guard the EPA

Hiring the fox to guard the chickens places the fox in a clear conflict of interest. It would be difficult to feel much confidence in the judgment of that fox regarding chicken coop security.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a Science Advisory Board, which guards us by seeing to it that EPA work is done according to scientific data and principles. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has dismissed half of this board (despite assurances that they would be retained), with the apparent intention of replacing them with representatives of the industries being regulated by the EPA. Foxes, every one.

This administration’s pattern of putting greed and profits over our health will cost us suffering and expense for generations. Among those suffering the most are the working-class people who helped elect Trump.

Ken Deveney


How much more?

During a campaign speech, Donald Trump said "We can't have someone in the Oval Office who doesn't understand the meaning of confidential or classified." While obviously referring to Hillary Clinton's State Department emails, it's ironic that he has provided a demonstration of this profligate attribute while meeting with Russian diplomats (where U.S. news reporters were barred, but a Russian photographer was admitted.)

According to an anonymous witness who attended the meeting, Trump revealed highly sensitive information received from an important source regarding laptop terrorism on airlines, and in so doing, has compromised our intelligence gathering capability. (This information was considered so sensitive that it was not even shared with our allies.)

Inexplicably, Trump appears to be pandering to Putin and his minions for reasons only he can identify. Added to the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey (recalling Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" of Justice Department officials and Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox,) and his questionable handling of Syrian and North Korean threats to our security, one may reasonably ask how much more the American people will be able to tolerate?

Michael Mace


Spotting the grownup

D.N. Miller wants Leonard Pitts Jr. to get over the fact that Trump is the newly elected president. D.N. seems to forget the disrespect trump leveled at President Obama for eight years. Leonard Pitts Jr. versus Trump — I can tell you which one is the grownup.

Mary Lewis


Letters to the Editor, May 24