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Letters to the Editor, May 25

We must resist

“Drop dead” and “Get lost” are unhelpful responses many of us historically have heard. With Trump, these dismissals are back!

The Declaration of Independence guarantees "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Two of these require health, from which we must infer access to decent health care is part of the deal.

While developed and civilized nations across the globe offer quality health care at reasonable cost to residents, the U.S. has consistently failed miserably to provide this. The Affordable Care Act, though flawed, was the closest we came. But now, in its thirst for ever more obscene tax cuts for the wealthy, the GOP has basically told us: “Drop dead!” The TrumpNoCare Plan will result in loss of coverage for millions, and inevitably death for many.

And then there’s the livability of our planet. Both science and our own senses tell us we are on the road to disastrous climate change unless we act. Yet the same GOP promotes fake news, alternative facts (lies), suppresses science, rejects understanding, and hastens catastrophe. To our kids and their kids, the GOP says “Get lost!”

We must resist; we must overthrow this treasonous and corrupt occupying force and its enabling GOP Congress.

Paula Perez Costas


Defend the monument

President Trump signed an executive order April 26 to review the designation of 27 national monuments, including our local Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. He says these monuments represent “a massive federal land grab,” but this review and his perception demonstrate his blatant disregard for local communities and the culturally, historically and recreationally important places that have been protected for all of us, and for future generations.

When federal employees gathered local feedback before the monument’s creation and expansion, 78 percent of locals spoke in favor of the monument for sound scientific, recreational, and cultural values. So please speak up!

We have until June 10 to provide comment on the issue. Your voice matters, and your comments could make the difference. Go to: http://bit.ly/2qN9vbV and please tell Secretary Zinke that you care about our local national monument and why.

Susan Roudebush and Kent Pressman


Give police officers respect

In September of 1967 I secured my Oregon Learner's Permit. Since then I have traveled approximately 10 million miles.

On occasion, I have been guilty of traffic offenses. Almost without exception police officers have either forgiven the offense completely or given me the least of the citations to protect me and my driving record. I have acquired an immense respect for all law enforcement people.

Once I was guilty of an ordinance I didn't realize even existed. The cop and I both became angry. When I realized the back seat of his patrol car was empty I shut my mouth as the officer educated me about the law he was sworn to enforce. I went home to sleep in my own bed that night and without a citation.

My experience is that cops have given me and others a break when possible, especially on a first offense. I have never been threatened in any way be police, game wardens, air traffic controllers or security people. All of them are first and foremost peace officers.

I challenge everyone everywhere to give them respect and safety so they can save and protect us. Everyone, especially law enforcement people, deserve as much.

Timothy J. Hunt


Letters to the Editor, May 25