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Letters to the editor: June 8

Give Putin credit

Give Vladimir Putin credit. He has reduced the United States' influence globally and in western Europe in particular. He has done so in a few short months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump has moved America to the sidelines so we can ignore science, threaten walls and throw people out.

OK, I know only 30 to 40 percent are rabid fans, but that minority and our Republican Party government seem to be enough to get the job done.

Russia is now free to once again be "mother of all Slavs," and Putin can become tsar or whatever title suits. Well done, Vlad. Russians should be proud and welcome their return to global strength and prestige.

Good news for Americans. Putin resembles a paranoid Russian monarch more so than Joseph Stalin. Stalin purged and blundered. Putin is precise and calculated. As our government retreats, he can “Make Russia Great Again," and spread spheres of influence. No doubt he will pivot to more benign postures. He is not so stupid as to build a stronger nation, then dismantle it or sell it to the highest bidder.

I’m still trying to envision what “Make America Great Again" looks like.

Lester Melton


Griffin pays a hefty price

I feel bad for Kathy Griffin. Do I agree with her comedic stunt? No. Do I ever condone such displays — even when meant as humor? Certainly not. But do I agree with the harsh sentence being applied to her. No, again.

What she did was, in a word, stupid. In hindsight — unfortunately it took hindsight — she sees that, too. Kathy Griffin has lost her good standing, her respect and most likely her entire career.

Do I know Kathy personally? Another “no.” I do sense from what I know of and about her from following the media and seeing her perform, that Kathy is a beautiful, thoughtful, talented person. Now, too, she joins the ranks of those who made one horrendous error.

Perhaps the silver lining in Kathy’s stupidity is that others will get a clue that such humor is not funny at all. And the lack of respect, the lack of accepting others and lack of compassion for all mankind, and womankind, that seems prevalent since Trump took office will not be tolerated or applauded.

Linda J. Green

Central Point

More than just a violent act

In defending two Muslim women, two men died, with a third in serious condition. Can the rest of us, in good conscience, just chalk it up as yet another incident of violence?

I don't think so. I must look within myself for a commitment to act, as did those three men. Let them not die in vain because we hesitate to speak up and take action. We must act for justice and build bridges between ourselves and strangers. (A stranger is someone I have not met.)

We must take responsibility for our evolution.

Carola Lacy


Havniear deserves honor

Thank you for printing the article about the Unsung Hero Award that was presented in Washington, D.C. to Mathew Havniear, a Medford veteran. Not only was Havniear able to overcome his own demons with PTSD, but he succeeded in helping other veterans with similar problems.

I would like to see positive articles about our veterans on the front page of the Mail Tribune rather than on Page 2 of the second section.

David l. Israel


Non-stop attacks on Trump

Regarding the supposed-to-be funnies that accompany the Letters to the Editor, Toles and Mike Lester: All of these for the past few months have been about our president. I believe Trump is our president and people should show respect.

Look what we put up with from Obama and now because of him we have more terrorism. A president that doesn't want to let go, even if he wasn't for our country.

People who pull in front of you and then slow down. Bicycle riders who don't stop at stop signs or ride in the middle of the road and are rude. This isn't the kids, either.

All the violence the liberals are doing. They are all so hurting their neighbors and a lot of innocent people. The is America, country of free speech, but they think they are the only one's who have the right to speak.

Judy Westcott


Letters to the editor: June 8