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Letters to the Editor, June 26

Thanks to Jeff Thomas

For the past eight years — four as chair — Jeff Thomas has served on the Medford School Board. During that time, he has dealt with replacement of the superintendent, a teachers ' strike and numerous mandates and budget cuts.

Through it all, his position on any issue has been "what's best for the kids." Test scores and graduation rates have improved and our children have received a great education. Jeff deserves many thanks for his service to our children and our community.

Mike Bond


Paint library speed bumps

We love our Medford Library and visit it regularly. We understand why speed bumps were recently installed in the library parking lot. But we question whether they are achieving their goal of slowing down drivers.

It seems drivers are not aware of the bumps until they bump over them; there is no notice or warning to slow down. Painting them a bright yellow or orange would surely make them more effective by warning drivers in advance.

Betty Kazmin


The cat and his tail

If politicians like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi believe that by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour we will all live better, don't let them fool you. My assessment of the past is, the cost of living will take it away from you before you get it.

The best place to start is lower the cost of goods needed to live, that would be a raise. Just remember the cat never catches its tail.

Bob Casebier


Marijuana again

Once again, marijuana made the front page, but no mention of Flag Day on June 14!

I'm a loyal subscriber, but I just don's get some of your choices.

N. Payton


Letters to the Editor, June 26