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Letters to the Editor, July 6

Fix what's wrong

Thankfully, there were enough Republican senators willing to stand on principle, leading to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s decision not to attempt a vote on their horrific health care legislation before the recess. However, I understand the wheeling and dealing will continue on their return in a desperate attempt to save face and fulfill a promise most Americans no longer support.

If the draconian cuts to health care for the less privileged wasn’t bad enough, the tax breaks proposed for the wealthiest among us should light the fires of outrage. This isn’t health care; it’s wealth care!

Talk to your representatives about compromising to fix what’s wrong with the Affordable Care Act. Insist that they stop the sabotage of existing programs in thinly veiled attempts to make the ACA fail.

The vast majority of Americans are not the social elite. Remind them that their job is to enact policies and laws that represent all Americans.

Cindy McDonald


Opinion lacked balance

Rob Schlapfer's guest opinion in the Sunday, June 25 Mail Tribune focused on the prominence of contempt in our political dialogue. However, his lack of balance is troubling.

Schlapfer includes the contemptuous "basket of deplorables" comment of presidential candidate Clinton, without mentioning her name. However, there was no mention of the profusion of contempt produced by candidate Trump, which began and continued for several years prior to the campaign, reagarding his racist "birther" lie about President Obama. During the actual campaign, additional targets of Trump's ugly contempt included Muslims, Mexicans, women and a disabled man. Clinton apologized for her comment. Mr Trump did not apologize. Ever. For anything.

Schlapfer doesn't like "local resistance groups" or "harsh rhetoric and divisive tactics" of those who oppose the health care policy of Congressman Greg Walden and the Republican Party. However, this policy is overtly contemptuous (as well as sadistic) toward those who can't afford health care. These people are deemed unworthy of access to health care entirely due to their economic situation. Schlapfer quotes the Dalai Lama, who advises that we "practice warmheartedness."

Where is warmheartedness when the world's wealthiest nation denies health care to more than 20 million Americans?

Victor Mlotok


Health care premiums

Many citizens wonder why our health care costs are so high and why insurers keep pulling out of different regions.

I just completed an analysis of the stock returns excluding dividends for six large, publicly traded health insurers in the U.S. The average stock return excluding dividends for these insurers the last five years as of June 29 is 311 percent. The return for the nation's top insurer, United Health Care, is 293 percent. This compares to the S&P 500, which is up 75 percent.

Are you flabbergasted? I’m mad! Congress and regulators have turned their back on America, but they sure have backed the insurers. I do not understand how we can continue to let insurers make this excessive return. I have told many friends to invest in the insurers to offset the cost of their premium.

Lobbyists have taken control of our health care system and the country. I advocate a one-payer system, but that will never happen in this country. How can insurance companies have this kind of return in five years when we have many citizens who cannot afford the insurance? Totally unfair! Contact your congressman now!

Gary Hill

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, July 6