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Letters to the Editor, July 13

Abortion bill a travesty

I am angry, and if you have one shred of morality in your soul, you should be, too. While Oregonians strive to live our normal lives, our elected legislators are selling our souls to the devil and usurping our constitutional right to challenge their work through the referendum process.

You may or may not be aware that the Oregon Legislature just passed HB-3391-2, which forces insurance companies to offer no-cost abortion to anyone in Oregon, including illegals, using our tax money and your insurance premiums. We are not talking about any so-called "medically necessary" abortions, but abortion for any reason, at any gestational age, for anyone. No deductible, no co-pay. No citizenship, no problem.

And — as they have habitually been doing when the Democrats control both houses — they declare an “emergency," which causes the bill, upon the governor’s signature (which is certainly forthcoming) to immediately take effect, thereby eliminating the opportunity for the citizens to file a referendum on the just-passed legislation.

This is tyranny, not democracy, by the ruling elites. Go to www.StopThe Funding.org and sign a “Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortions” petition. This is a travesty to Oregonians of any political persuasion.

Bryan Platt

Eagle Point

Choose Long

The current opening on the Ashland School Board provides an excellent opportunity to expand the diversity of that important body. Service on the board requires strong commitment.

How fortunate that Kamilah Long is willing to put her name forward for appointment to Position 2 on the ASB. Kamilah has an impressive background with experience in education, business and the arts. She is also a parent.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Kamilah, and she has much to offer any community. As a black woman she has a perspective that is currently lacking on our School Board. Her life experience can help to illuminate the current realities of what it’s like to be a minority student in a sometimes hostile environment. If I were such a student, I would be encouraged to see Kamilah on the board.

And as a supporter of all the students, teachers, and administrative staff, I believe Kamilah has the interests of the whole district at heart as she seeks this office. I hope she will be asked to serve.

Shirley Patton


Please return missing flag

On the Fourth of July my husband and I were proud to help Ashland Kiwanis put out American flags along the streets of Ashland in celebration of our country’s independence and freedom. Kiwanis flags, however, are not free. Merchants and townspeople make an annual $60 tax-deductible contribution to Kiwanis’ Flag Program that helps children in our community.

One of those special flags was taken from in front of the Siskiyou Eye Institute. We are hoping that the flag will be returned — no questions asked. Please contact Russ Chadick (541- 482-0431) for the flag’s return. Kiwanis members, our children, your fellow citizens and this grandma will be happy to have the Kiwanis flag back. Thank you.

Lynn Ransford


Ask why

Handicapped children will be cut from Medicaid, yet we send money to nations that hate and wish to destroy America?

Write your senators and representatives and ask why.

Gordon Morris Self


Letters to the Editor, July 13