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Letters to the Editor, July 13

Confounding attitudes

What confounds me is the fact that many conservatives and Christians consider themselves God-abiding, Jesus-loving people, but apparently feel that everyone who has fallen on hard times is a deadbeat.

They profess to believe that health care is a privilege for the working people. Yet, millions of working people cannot afford to cover themselves or even their children.

Please don't delude yourself into thinking their children are covered under state plans for the poor; many are not. If both parents earn minimum wage it can be just a bit too much to qualify depending on the number in the family. Not only that but Trump has drastically reduced the amount states receive for Medicaid.

Everyone has a right to good food, health care and a safe place to live, but most especially the innocent children and the people who love and care for them.

P. Barker


Denial and voter suppression

It is confirmed that in 2017 Russian hackers intruded on 39 state voter databases and software. An MT article on June 24 reported that many European nations have been fighting Russian hacking and disinformation for years.

Trump’s response to widespread Russian meddling in the U.S.? First: it didn’t happen. Then: it did happen, but blame Obama.

Yes, our former president did not act decisively soon enough against the Russians. But Trump’s response to this significant threat to our electoral process is — nothing, zilch, zero.

Rather than raise the alarm, Trump has chosen instead to install Kris Kobach of Kansas, one of this country’s worst perpetrators of voter suppression and an advocate of voter fraud conspiracies, to lead the erroneously named Presidential Commission on Voter Integrity. Kobach has requested states’ voter rolls, including detailed, sensitive information.

This is a poorly disguised attempt to nationalize voter suppression. And if the voter information Kobach requested were centralized, it would be much easier for hackers to access. Kudos to our Dennis Richardson and 44 other secretaries of state who have refused Kobach’s attempt to usurp states’ rights to run their elections and stand up against Trump’s overreaching, possibly illegal data collection.

Betsy Shanafelt


Please obey leash rule

Glad to see the article in Sunday's paper, “Unleashing a furor,” regarding dogs off leashes.

At any given day in Eastwood IOOF Cemetery you can see dogs running, off leash, through the cemetery. Some dogs come into the cemetery on a leash, then the owner immediately releases them.

Some of these dogs have a great time chasing squirrels, pooping (which is not picked up), heisting a leg to urinate on the headstones, intimidating a person who is a runner or possibly running at another dog who is on a leash. I enjoy dogs but please go with the code/park rules.

Rene Forncrook


Letters to the Editor, July 13