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Letters to the Editor, July 14

Well done, Mercy Flights

I was thrilled to see Vicki Aldous’s informative (and fun!) article featuring the new Mobile Integrated Health service provided by our own Mercy Flights. I appreciated that she interviewed the actual paramedics who will be providing this dynamic new local care, and am so excited to learn more and wish them all the best.

This is a different and intriguing health care delivery concept, and I am not surprised that Mercy Flights has taken the reins locally in leading this transition. Whether it was meeting the community’s need during 1940s polio epidemic by establishing the nation’s first official air ambulance service, or again meeting the community’s need for better “STEMI” emergency heart attack care which gained them national attention, this local EMS company consistently shows incredible innovation toward growing and changing their service to better serve our community.

I love that Mercy Flights demonstrates this type of community commitment as a nonprofit company that still juggles the vast majority of local medical emergency calls while ever expanding its services in a growing local population. This article made me feel proud (again) that our town gets to claim Mercy Flights as our local EMS provider. Well done!

Tiffany Wyatt


Defeat Walden

Two letters on July 7 criticize the wretched excuse for health care legislation currently threatening our future. Cindy McDonald of Jacksonville objects to the reduction in Medicaid, which will cut health care funds to our lower-income friends and neighbors in order to finance tax breaks for the super-wealthy.

Gary Hill of Central Point objects to this slapdash Obamacare substitute on a different basis. His stock analysis of six health insurance companies shows their returns increasing 311 percent in the last five years (compared to the S&P rise of 75 percent). The money we could save by eliminating health care-by-corporation would more than cover a single-payer system (Medicare for all?). Both letter-writers urge us to contact our congressmen.

Well, Greg Walden is our congressman, which is bad news and good news. The bad news: this botched piece of legislation is his brainchild. He wrote the version that passed the House. He defends it with meaningless talking points. The good news: We, his constituents, whose welfare he's chosen to compromise, have a phenomenal opportunity. We can deliver a protest heard and applauded around the nation by defeating Walden in 2018. Let's do it. Call 541-480-9855 or email cd2@dpo.org.

Molly Tinsley


Tell someone

Regarding the article in Sunday’s edition about Prescott Park: Apparently no one is willing to actually file a complaint about what’s happening in the park (the main subject of the article won’t even give his name), but everyone expects some government entity to fix the problem.

News flash: No one in government can fix something like this when the people involved can’t be bothered to bring it to their attention. Telling a reporter that everyone knows what’s going on in the park doesn’t cut it. If you want something done about the issue, man up and at least tell somebody who actually has some authority to help.

Elaine Wheeler

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, July 14