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Letters to the Editor, July 15

A cure for the disorder

Back from vacation and after reading letters to the editor, I have decided that many have an acute case of Trump unacceptance and resistance disorder. To begin a cure for this disorder, I prescribe reading a couple of books by people who know President Trump.

"The Making of the President 2016" by Roger Stone. "Understanding Trump" by Newt Gingrich. The cost of this prescription is less than $50 and can be reread until the disorder has been cured.

I read Sen. Alan DeBoer’s happy face on the recent legislative session. The state of Oregon has expanded the killing of unborn babies to killing unborn babies of non-citizens. Your tax dollar is used to kill unborn babies!

To plug the hole created by Obamacare, the state of Oregon will be taxing health care providers. I think the tax will be passed on to the consumer. Many of the consumers will be on Medicaid. The state of Oregon will pay the increase in cost. Thus, your tax dollars will be paying for Oregon’s tax on health care providers.

In closing, if you don’t believe in the work ethic, then the above prescription might not solve your very hateful disorder.

Bill Hartley


Loose dogs mean trouble

Whenever there are two or more dogs running loose, no matter how friendly they usually are, there's bound to be trouble.

Awhile back some neighbors had two of the sweetest dogs you'd want to meet — as long as their owners were around. However, occasionally the dogs would escape their fenced area when the owners were gone. It wasn't safe to go outside until the dogs were rounded up.

For people running and walking it probably pays to carry some type of spray to deter but not harm aggressive animals such as the ones that recently injured someone on Roxy Ann.

Mary Ann Johnson


Thanks to community

In June, the Jackson County Library System ran a new program called Food for Fines and Fine Forgiveness. All 15 branches allowed anyone with an outstanding balance for overdue books to have $5 forgiven for every food item donated.

In total, $34,806.25 in fines and fees were forgiven and 2,101 county residents participated. Of those, 863 who were previously blocked from using the library had their access restored and 1,557 books, audiobooks and more were returned and are now available for circulation again.

We wanted to thank our wonderful partners and their volunteers, who generously picked up the nonperishable food donations: the Neighborhood Food Project, Applegate Food Pantry, Prospect Community Food Bank, Rogue River Community Center, Gold Hill Christian Center, and Shady Cove Upper Rogue Food Pantry.

We greatly appreciate our community's support of the Jackson County Library System, and we hope to see you here soon.

Jamar Rahming, library director, Jackson County Library Services

Amy Drake, executive director, Jackson County Library Foundation

McConnell's tactics

Is Sen. Mitch McConnell really that incompetent? You sequester a dozen or so Republican senators into a closed room to come up with a bill to repeal and replace the ACA. Did they:

1. Consult with all members of the Senate, including Democrats?

2. Hold public committee hearings?

3. Consult with other stakeholders, including medical professionals, insurance companies, state governments, AARP, AMA, hospitals, and on ...

The answer is no. His bill was destined to die before it even got out to the Senate floor. His actions were 100 percernt partisan. Hopefully the voters in the great state of Kentucky will deny his reelection in 2020.

Bob Williamson


Invest in Foothill now

Regarding Jackson County receiving money and focusing efforts on using Foothill Road as an alternate if Interstate 5 is obstructed, it is past time to begin developing that alternative.

Foothill Road is incapable of handling the car traffic that would be diverted from I-5 without attempting to handle any semi traffic. If Foothill Road is a serious I-5 alternative then Jackson Country is already 20 years behind on this project.

Some serious effort and money needs to be in injected into this project to create a serious I-5 alternative. Adequate transportation is vital to the economic health of Southern Oregon.

Travis A. Wagner

Eagle Point

A sales tax in disguise

Those praising the transportation bill recently passed by the Oregon Legislature are overlooking two provisions in the bill that are nothing more than a sales tax. I believe these provisions to be a foot in the door to eventually instituting a sales tax in Oregon without the people's vote.

One of the provisions is a $15 tax on bicycle purchases whose cost is over $200. The other provision is a 0.5 percent tax on vehicle purchases. The way it is worded one can only imagine that tax applies to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, etc. Regardless, that is a 0.5 percent sales tax called a purchase tax. Such taxes should go before the people for a vote. What is next, a purchase tax on homes, clothing, power equipment, electronic devices, food, etc.? In my opinion, we are being conned into a sales tax that they are calling a purchase tax without the people's vote. They can claim a purchase tax is not a sales tax. The tax is not on something someone is selling, it is tax on something purchased. It is a play on words. Utter deception.

Randall Hale


Thanks to Sal Esquivel

The Medford Youth Baseball Society, a local nonprofit responsible for raising funds to build Harry & David Field, wants the community to know how much we appreciated Rep. Sal Esquivel’s efforts to obtain funding required to construct a roof over the seating area at Harry & David Field at the recently completed legislative session.

Representative Esquivel felt strongly that a roof was needed to help protect baseball fans as well as attendees of other events hosted at Harry & David Field from the harmful effects of the sun and heat, which is especially important for seniors.

We are pleased that he shares our belief that a completed Harry & David Field will help to insure the future of youth baseball, aid our local economy and provide affordable, safe, fun entertainment for area families and visitors. Thanks Sal for “stepping up to the plate” for us and Southern Oregon.

Gary Miller


Letters to the Editor, July 15