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Letters to the Editor, July 17

Does no one care?

Does no one care that there’s a “dispensary” approximately every quarter mile up and down Highway 99? Let’s get real folks, legal or not, it’s still dope. Not to mention, how many dope stores does one little valley need?

Does no one care that “dope” farms are popping up everywhere and anywhere? Near homes, schools and bus stops for kids.

Does no one care that it’s treated as corn, not what it really is, a mind-altering substance?

Does no one care that tax-paying citizens who have lived here for 20 plus years or all their life are considering and/or are leaving because of this new-found gold?

Does no one care just how much water it takes to grow dope? People seem to care when water is used for corn and other farmland, but not this.

Does no one care that beehives are being stolen from vineyards so as not to disturb the quality of the dope grow?

Does no one care that when a dope crop goes bad, they steal from each other so they can meet their demands?

I’m just saying, there isn’t nor will there ever be “donor among thieves.”

Doris Weiland

Central Point

We can do something

We are surrounded daily by news of the current and projected effects of climate change on our environmental surroundings and lifestyle:

  • Increases in temperature highs, increased variability in weather extremes associated with rainfall and storms, increased chances of drought and fire.
  • Increased CO² in the atmosphere, higher acidity in the oceans, rising sea levels.
  • Decreased snowfall, melting of glaciers and breaking up of polar ice sheets.

Only 58 percent of Americans believe climate change is mostly human caused, while the consensus among world wide scientists is 97 percent. (Recent report from Yale-GMU Climate Change Communication). We are at a climate change tipping point, but we still have time to do something about it.

Become better informed and learn what you can do to reduce the impact of climate change by taking a master climate protector course offered by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now. The next 10-week class starts Sept. 11 and is offered on Monday evenings at the Talent Community Center. For more information and to register go to http://SOCANMCP.eco. Registration is limited to 20; deadline is Sept. 1.

Ray Mallette


Down the rabbit hole

Since President Trump’s election there have been frequent letters to the MT from Trump supporters urging Democrats to put aside their differences with Republicans and work together for the sake of the country. Those sentiments, though, seem hard to reconcile with the actual words of prominent Republicans these days.

According to the president’s son, Eric Trump, Democrats are “not even people.” And Sen. Rand Paul recently said that, “I think Republicans will be very unhappy across the land if the Republican leadership ... goes and works with the Democrats.”

So here’s the message as far as I can decipher it: Republican voters want Democrats to cooperate with Republicans, but those same voters will punish any Republican cooperation with Democrats. To borrow a phrase from Lewis Carroll’s Alice, “Curiouser and curiouser.” And so we continue our Trumpian journey down the rabbit hole.

Paul Falletta

Grants Pass

Letters to the Editor, July 17