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Letters to the Editor, July 19

The proper solution

"To benefit 300 million people, fix health care."

Columnist Jay Ambrose (Saturday, July 15) gets one solitary fact correct in his homage to the Senate's new health care proposal: That the proper size of the risk pool is 300 million people. Unfortunately, the Senate bill with the Cruz amendment does exactly the opposite — it splinters the risk pool into the healthy and the sick.

The response from the insurance industry, who should know: "It is simply unworkable in any form ... would undermine protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions ... increase premiums ... would allow the new plans to “cherry pick” only healthy people'.

The proper solution is to make the risk pool include all 300 million Americans. Medicare for all.

And by the way, the Senate, knowing the mess their bill will make, exempted themselves from it.

Steve Soar


Climate alarmism

Has anyone seen a small child who has just received some great news and is bursting with glee to spread it? She can barely contain herself, so great is her joy.

Doesn't good news have a certain exhilaration about it? Doesn't the truth have an inherent wholeness about it that it longs to share with others?

Yet, regarding "climate change," no one, neither Alan "Cardinal" Journet, local prelate of the Church of Climate Alarmism, nor any of his acolytes, have offered to share any proof — that is, evidence — with is about climate change. Why?

They regularly chide us for not joining the herd's "consensus," although I do not remember "consensus" being a scientific proof for anything. Just where does "consensus" fall in the scientific method?

We have some from the herd demanding the arrest and execution of those with differing scientific data. Others just want any opposition evidence suppressed.

Why does Bill Nye not overwhelm his opponents with the truth? Why must he resort to incitement to violence? Can't the truth stand on its own? Isn't the truth whole, constant, consistent and good? Why not preach the truth? Why threaten and cajole?

Dennis V. Sinclair


Animal Shelter says thanks

The outpouring of support this week from individuals in our community, who have provided the Jackson County Animal Shelter with much needed cat and kitten food, has been incredibly heartwarming! From the time the Shelter’s doors opened this past Saturday morning, many bags of kitten and cat food have been streaming in, along with financial donations. These generous contributions will ensure that our cats and kittens will be well fed, while they wait for new homes, at a time when this year’s busy kitten season was straining our resources. Thank you very much.

Barbara Talbert, manager, Jackson County Animal Services


Trump supporters puzzling

After reading Bill Hartley’s letter of July 15, I would like to suggest that he and his fellow Trump supporters re-acquaint themselves with some basic concepts most Americans share:

  • Democracy
  • The Bill of Rights
  • The Constitution

I find it puzzling that Trump’s supporters can continue to bolster his well-documented lies, multiple cases of adultery and his willingness to reduce taxes for the wealthiest over decent health care, all while pointing a finger of hatred at the rest of us. I also have to wonder how the rights of the unborn can so greatly outweigh those of his fellow citizens.

L.J. Zinkand


Letters to the Editor, July 19