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Letters to the Editor, July 23

Hunters beware

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stated that some lands within national monuments would be "better suited" to designation as National Recreation Areas. Applegate Lake is a National Recreation Area.

A sign at Swayne rest area near the dam at Applegate Lake states that no shooting is permitted within a Recreation Area. Star Ranger is claiming one mile surrounding the fenced area at Applegate Lake as part of the Recreation Area. Is bow hunting permitted but not rifle hunting in a Recreation Area? Think about it!

Richard Davis

Central Point

Report dog attack

Regarding the man who was attacked by dogs while running in Prescott Park and didn't want to report it because the dogs might get in trouble: So he's OK with those dogs and their owner continuing their behavior?

But what about children up there, or a dog on a leash, or an elderly person who doesn't move fast — those who are not as able to defend themselves against an attack? To him I say, then he will be partly responsible for the next person attacked by those dogs.

Kathy Hathaway


Evidence is abundant

We have all learned to judge fake news: spreading ideas known to be false or simply never checked. Trump, Trump supporters, the White House and White House representatives have been pushing fake news from day one.

Locally, Dennis Sinclair (letters July 19) tries faking us.

Sinclair claimed that Southern Oregon Climate Action Now and its co-facilitator Alan Journet have never offered any evidence of global warming and climate change. Had Sinclair checked — never something in which Trumpists bother to invest time — he would have found out that Journet has taught 14 courses on climate change and the Rogue Valley through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, with another scheduled this fall, has taught many short courses on the subject through regional nature centers, and has given innumerable presentations to community groups.

Meanwhile, SOCAN itself is offering a 10-week master climate protector course this fall on the subject (visit socanmcp.eco).

Sinclair has probably attended none.

Additionally, information on climate science is abundant for anyone interested in researching the subject. But many Republicans, the White House and uninformed individuals like Sinclair refuse to trouble themselves with understanding a subject on which they have opinions — fearing to discover they are wrong.

Trisha Vigil


Letters to the Editor, July 23